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How To Locate Traffic Sources With An API

Do you want to try an API that can easily help you locate traffic sources? You should check out the Site Traffic API.

Understanding how visitors arrive on your website is the key to optimizing it because the purpose of your website is to generate traffic and leads. How well your website generates leads and generates income will be determined by the volume of visitors it receives.

How To Locate Traffic Sources With An API

Even though the design and user experience you want for your website are crucial, you also need to think about how your ideal customer will find it. You must comprehend the specifics of various website traffic sources if you want to use your website as a lead generation tool.

The traffic data for your website will show you who is visiting it, how they use it, and which digital marketing strategies work best. These website analytics can also be used to enhance your website.

Web Traffic Sources Definition

The Web Traffic Sources metric tracks the traffic sources that are bringing users to your website and compares them all. Although your website may also receive visitors through initiatives like banner adverts or paid search, the three main traffic sources are direct, referral, and search. Consider examining the number of goals that were accomplished from each traffic source in addition to counting the number of visitors from each source.

To get more specific data about your website traffic, it is possible to evaluate each source of traffic. Referral traffic can be segmented into groups like social referrals, blog mentions, or service listings. For example, search traffic can be examined in relation to the landing page and associated keyword rankings. Each source also serves as a gauge for the reliability of your website. For instance, a large referral traffic volume indicates that social networking sites or other third-party websites frequently mention your brand or website. To gain a deeper understanding of your marketing activities, add the Web Traffic Sources metric to your SEO performance dashboard.

Your focus should be on building all these sources, not just one:

51 percent of all website traffic comes from organic search

10 percent from paid search

5 percent for social

34 percent from all other sources

Over 40 percent of revenue is captured by organic traffic so this is the main focus.

To find out the traffic sources of your website visitors we recommend the Site Traffic API.

Why do we recommend Site Traffic API?

With Site Traffic API you will be able to consult from where the site receives it’s traffic. It means that you can check where are located the visitors (per country), how many monthly visits they receive and traffic sources (direct, social media, emails, etc). 

How To Locate Traffic Sources With An API

Pass only the site or URL you want to consult. Along with traffic broken down by nation, monthly visits, engagement metrics like average visit duration, bounce rate, pages per visit, and the traffic sources, you will also receive traffic. They get their customers from online searches, right? Does sponsored advertising bring them the most visitors? You will learn that through this API.

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