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How to make money with MediaFem Ads – Step by Step

MediaFem allows you to make that money without having to sell anything to anyone, or make it register on an unknown website, or download something suspicious to your PC!

If you want to know finally how to make money thanks to MediaFem, this is the information you need to know.

What is MediaFem?

MediaFem is an advertising platform for publishers of websites and blogs, which allows them to generate revenue by offering advertising space between their content to place ads. For every impression or click that is made on these ads, the publisher receives a portion of the money paid by the advertiser.

You just have to put the ad code that MediaFem gives you somewhere in your blog and wait for any of the visitors to click on it.

Best of all, MediaFem is smart and knows how to interpret the content of your blog, so the ad you put is related to what you write.

In this way, ads are integrated naturally and you get clicks much more easily while your visitors thank you for having made that recommendation.

How MediaFem works

MediaFem works by interpreting with an algorithm the content published on a website or blog to show a related advertisement that may be of interest to the user. You just copy and paste the ad code that the advertising platform gives you and when someone clicks, you earn money.

How much money can be earned with MediaFem

The amount of money you can make thanks to MediaFem is related to the number of daily visits that your publication has.

In addition, you can post up to 6 ads per page to get more impressions or click opportunities.

Another issue that determines what you can earn is the theme of your wesite, because there are clicks that are worth more than others due to the final performance of the ad.

In general, I can tell you that with an average of visits from a medium-sized website, you could be winning between 50 and 100 a day easily.

How to make money with MediaFem

Here is a short Step-by-Step tutorial, where I describe each of the above points in detail, so you can start now!

Step # 1: Choose a content niche

The first thing is to choose a topic for MediaFem to send related ads.

You want to be as wide as possible in the selection, because contrary to what is usually advised in the affiliate business, here you need a massive traffic.

You can try niche high traffic, such as health, love or online jobs. Undoubtedly they are the best to make money with MediaFem, at least in 2019.

Simply choose within these a category that allows you to be competitive.

Step # 2: Create a Blog

Obviously and as for any serious online business, you need a website or blog of your own where MediaFem will appear.

Currently, you can set up a website based on WordPress for yourself with a really low investment and available to anyone who wants to start generating income online really.

Alternatively, you can have an expert install a website for you for very little money and you will not have to worry about learning or programming a single line.

When you have your website, you should fill them with entertaining articles that make people want to read them completely, as far as possible until the end.

In this way, you will get more opportunities for visitors to view or click on your ads.

Step # 3: Post the Ads

To get ads, you must sign up for free MediaFem.

Then, decide the size of ads that best suit your website and give it the color that fits your styles, so that the ads have a natural look.

Remember that you can have up to 6 ad units per page on your website.

I recommend that you choose Video or Native Ad formats to intersperse between your content and some graphics for your sidebar.

You can use a free plugin from the WordPress repository so you do not have to enter the ad code manually.

Step # 4: Get traffic

As I told you before, the key is to send a lot of traffic.

To achieve it there is only one way: SEO. Free traffic from search engines. The better the content the more visits you will have.

Step # 5: Receive the payment 

How MediaFem pays

MediaFem sends your payments by wire transfer or Paypal. We sent money to any country (worldwide).

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