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How To Measure Sustainability With The Help Of An API

Want to become a company that promotes sustainable performance? Incorporate this Carbon emissions API and help the environment. 

We live in a critical time, both for humanity and for the planet as a whole. The need to care for the environment, and seek more sustainable ways to interact with the world is something companies and techs are looking to incorporate

Technology has generated a profound impact on society and the environment. This is key to improving the way our daily activities affect the environment. For example, with intelligent tools like APIs, it is possible for companies to minimize their footprint on the planet.


Let’s Talk About Sustainability 

The fact is, we are unable to completely stop industrial activity since it is necessary for the growth of our society as we know it. Because of this, sustainability will increasingly be important in reducing the environmental impact of current production methods.

Sustainability is the capacity to maintain diversity and productivity across time, protecting resources for use in the future. The idea takes into account long-lasting economic and social factors in addition to an environmental dimension.

Benefits Of Sustainability For Companies:

  • Apart from generating savings in the long term, they will directly contribute to reducing the carbon footprint associated with production.
  • For the new generations, a determining factor in choosing where to work is that the company is committed to the environment.
  • Social awareness regarding climate change has had an impact on consumers and customers, who have developed a preference for environmentally friendly products or services.
  • And more

As you can see, being a sustainable company will not only impact positively the world but also your company. Hence, if you’re looking to measure your sustainability and be a socially responsible company, work with Carbon API. 

Carbon API

Currently, Dioxide emissions are consuming the globe as a result of the actions of numerous industries. Such pollutants must be reduced if we wish to maintain our environment stable and wholesome. Therefore, it is time for all enterprises to give the well-being of the planet the same priority that they give the management of the economy. Hence, becoming a sustainable company. 

Carbon API is looking to help companies promote a sustainable environment. The API offers significant input regarding the CO2 footprint of companies. It is a carbon calculator that updates businesses with Kg of Carbon and actively evaluates the information entering the application.

Actually, the Carbon interface enables data uploading and generates a robust dashboard with insightful analyses about the company’s monthly CO2 impact.  Therefore, businesses are able to measure their sustainability and keep acting upon it.

This CO2 API Offers a long list of endpoints:

  •  Air Quality Health Index
  •  Tree Equivalent
  •  Traditional Energy
  •  Flight
  •  MotorBike
  •  Public Transit
  • And much more.

Most people think their actions have no repercussions but it is that thought process that ends up damaging our world. Hence, you should make your company become an example. Be sustainable, measure your impact, reduce your CO2, and help save the world.  One small step opens the way to a healthier planet, start by integrating Carbon API and track your carbon footprint. 


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