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How To Monetize Your Baidu Search API In This API Marketplace

Although we are not yet aware of it, the improvements that artificial intelligence has made in solving day-to-day problems are really impressive. We can notice it through something we use on a daily basis. Search engines have gained the ability to search in a new way. Now users will be able to ask different questions about an image that appears as a result or that users see during searches.

The improvement does not only apply to the search engine, with the incorporation of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, images have also been incorporated into this process. By using both images and text, finding results will be much faster and more convenient. Thanks to artificial intelligence, searches can be improved by means of suggested words and a series of images as a whole, which are used to make a general selection of the topics to be shown.

Another important element that is a novelty is the “intuition” in predictivity. In this way, it will be possible to add another layer of personalization to the search and users will not have to make the effort to search, either on other websites or through comments. This feature will use machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) so that its system can display the most interesting reviews and identify what makes a product or service distinctive.

APIs have emerged as simple tools to integrate these benefits into other platforms. There are some APIs that directly allows you to integrate search engines as widgets or part of processes. For example, the Baidu Search API is widely used by developers of all kinds. In the API Marketplaces, you can find these APIs of different types and even different search engines.

API Marketplace: Groundbreaking Technology

APIs are standardized systems that enable the integration and connection of people, places, systems, data, products, and algorithms. For example, by sending information, a person can be authenticated and transactions can be enabled. Therefore, in addition to improving products and services and the customer experience, they inspire the creation of new solutions and business models.

These tools have been on the market for some time, but their commercialization became popular with API Marketplaces because they made it possible to concentrate all the available variety in a single place, and provided facilities for developers by taking care of everything necessary for the commercialization of their products. Zyla API Hub is an outstanding marketplace because it has some unique options and unparalleled commitment.

More About Zyla API Hub

Zyla API Hub really makes publishing your API an experience. Right from the start, the commitment to API monetization excellence shows. The publishing process is simplified, and you’ll find it easy to find the right price by providing different options, while they guarantee payment gateways, subscriptions, and publishing on their refined website.

The excellence of this site’s APIs is thanks to their quality assurance with reviews to ensure the best quality, and sales follow-up to find possible improvements. This is accompanied by a complete marketing strategy, with SEO curation, generating content to attract organic traffic. Zyla API Hub already has over 1000 APIs published and is a go-to site in the corporate world. Don’t wait to radically change the way you make money. Trust Zyla API Hub!

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