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How To Use A Rewriting API To Refresh Your Blogs

Do you have to rewrite your blog’s content? Use a Rewriting API to save time and effort!

You probably feel a sense of accomplishment when you publish a post and cross it off your SEO to-do list. However, once your content is published, it’s easy to lose sight of it as you work on the next new piece.

Neglected content can go stale over time, resulting in a drop in search rankings as well as a drop in overall visitors and conversions.

How To Use A Rewriting API To Refresh Your Blogs

To address this issue, you can refresh your existing blog content to revitalize stale blogs and improve your SEO. This method saves the time, effort, and money normally associated with creating a completely new post from scratch. Furthermore, you’ve already vetted the worthiness of your existing content, especially if the original was compelling enough to rank and be linked to in the first place.

 Creating a new article from an old post can be impactful for SEO and the process can be even further simplified with the help of a rewriting API. 

How To Use A Rewriting API To Refresh Your Blogs

Get on Plaraphy Rewriting API to rewrite your blog posts

Plaraphy is a rewriting API that uses cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) to rewrite any text content or find new ways to express yourself that has a web interface, so anyone can make use of it. This rewriting tool will show you new ways to express your ideas without having to copy the original text. All of its tools are free to use, with upgrades and perks available via Premium plans.

You can also select the most appropriate Mode for your rewritten text. This service provides three options: Standard Mode rewrites text in a reliable manner to maintain meaning; Fluency Mode ensures text is readable and error-free; and Creative Mode completely paraphrases content. It’s so useful!

How to use Plaraphy

Using this tool is not complicated at all:

  1. Go to Plaraphy free rewriting API.
  2. Copy and paste the text you want to rewrite into the provided box. Then click Paraphrase.
  3. You’ll have your rewritten text ready to go in a matter of seconds! Click Copy the highlighted text and paste it to a new blog post!

Now you don’t have to worry about giving so much effort to rewriting your blog content and get it into new content for your blog.

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