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How To Validate Phone Numbers Using JSON APIs

Are you looking for a tool that can help you verify your customer’s data? Then, read to the end because here we will tell you how to validate phone numbers using JSON APIs!

Nowadays, anyone in the sales worlds knows that having accurate databases is crucial for the growth of a company, whatever service or products it offers. This is because databases are the raw material for marketing, and absolutely necessary in order not to start from scratch every time you want to launch a campaign.

Phone numbers play an important role in this, as they are the key to be able to connect directly to your leads. A good calling campaign can lead to have an entire picture of what your potential customer think about your newest product or your latest discounts, and it can give the chance to your marketers to suit their needs by offering them personalized attention.

Nevertheless, having accurate phone number lists may not always be easy, as sometimes you can have wrong information and the phone numbers can not be current and up-to-date. When this happens, all that comes after is a waste of time and of human resources. 

So, phone validators APIs have been developed as the best solution for having accurate and up-to-date phone number lists, as they can tell for sure whether if a phone number is valid or not. These APIs offer complete responses on JSON, an open data interchange format that is both human and machine-readable, widely used in the programming and business world.

Moreover, these sophisticated tools can not only tell you if a number is current or not, but also offer valuable information regarding the geographical location of the line, the type of line, carrier and time zone. This last data is crucial as you can use it to restrict your calls to a certain time slot, and to contact your customers appropriately.

Where Can I Get This?

Although there are quite a few of excellent JSON APIs to validate phone numbers, such as NumVerify and Vonage Number Insight API, here we will recommend you the best option that is available right now: Phone Number Validator API. 

This tool is ready to be purchased on the Zyla API Hub and can offer immediate responses in JSON just with a few clicks. You just need to enter the phone number you want to analyse and can add optionally the country of origin on ISO format. Just by making one click, you will have an integrate response, including time zone, international country dialing code and local dialing format. 

When you make an API call, you will receive a true/false response, with true indicating a positive answer and a valid number. So, aside from being the most user-friendly API available right now, it can provide results in just a few seconds. This tool is great for little projects (you can make up to 100 API calls with no charge) or for big companies and B2Bs, as you have the possibility to upgrade to make up to 500,000 API calls monthly. 

To better serve your customers, have it before developing an SMS campaign to see what numbers are reachable and sort your phone numbers database by country or company carrier. Phone Number Validator API is a total yes for your company!

How To Use It? 

  1. Select the Phone Number Validator from the Zyla API Hub.
  2. Register for an API key.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to analyze to confirm.
  4. It is optional to enter the country in two-letter ISO format.
  5. Take a pick at the results in JSON.

We have already told you how to validate a phone number using JSON APIs, and introduced you to the one we consider the most accurate phone data API in 2022. Just give it a try and try it out!

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