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IGNIA takes strong step in Fintech

One of the most dynamic venture capital funds that has existed announced yesterday that it has just invested in a round of capital for the company Rapyd, which Dlls raised. $ 40 million, and that puts that financial technology company at the door of the massification of services known as Fintech-as-a-service.

About the transaction

The transaction is important for Ignia because the financing provided it to Rapyd in conjunction with two highly prestigious US funds, General Catalyst and Stripe, which are among the most reputable funds in technology. In fact General Catalyst goes in his ninth fund in which they raised more than Dlls. $ 1 thousand 400 million. This is relevant because it raises Ignia to collaborate in a larger league and positions it within the funds circuit that has enough methodology and sophistication to evaluate ventures and make investment decisions.

The investment in Rapyd

The company is dedicated to simplifying code programming for all types of banking transactions. What does that mean? That any company that wants to develop an application to make financial transactions can now acquire a simple and safe programming code and be enabled in the world of Fintech. Rapyd enables local payments and, in addition, “provides (1) single point of reconciliation and settlement of funds in 65 currencies and the ability to pay in more than 170 countries, (2) advanced real-time currency exchange services, which in average they provide a lower cost for clients and their consumers, and (3) global services to know their client, anti-money laundering and services to avoid financing terrorism. ”

What Rapyd does is enable the development of Fintech services for any company

It is something like a car factory designing the chassis and bodywork of the cargo truck fleets according to the specifications of the company that transports the goods, and not according to a fixed production line. Fintech more and more tailored, then.

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