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Image Enhancer: Use This API For Image Improvement In 2023

Do you want to find a tool to make sure all your images have good quality? We have a good recommendation for you!

Let’s start at the beginning. Why is it so crucial to use the best images possible in your marketing visuals rather than just using photos overall?

The main benefit of photography for marketing is essentially its ability to draw viewers’ attention, hold it, and direct it while successfully conveying a message. It is, thus, a resource with a high conversion rate.

No other element or resource (like words) can come close to doing what photos can in just one glance. They are a successful branding strategy’s finest ally.

How to Enhance a Photo: Creating Spectacular Images With PhotoWorks -  Photography Course

The Psychology Behind Visual Marketing

We are a highly visual species, wired to respond more and better to images than to anything else, according to nearly all relevant psychologic, anthropologic, and marketing research.

A study found that adding graphics to material enhances people’s retention of it in their memory after three days from 10% to 65%, with almost two-thirds of the population claiming to be visual learners.

And this reflects greatly on consumer behavior, which impacts directly on e-commerce, online business, and online marketing:

60% of users said they’re more likely to contact a business if they have an image showing up in search results in addition to their contact info

63% of users considered the product image to be more relevant than a written description

67% of users judged the product image’s quality when deciding on a purchase

It is obvious that photography will play a significant role in your creative process, your strategic strategy, and your workflow whether you are involved in e-commerce, online business, or using the internet for marketing purposes (and you better be!).

Additionally, a big part of how successful your branding and marketing pictures might be depending on the color combinations you use!

Choosing the Right Marketing Images for You

You must use excellent photographs in your marketing visuals, that much is obvious. But what really constitutes an “amazing” picture? What makes a picture ideal for your specific goal, in addition?

The quality of a photo is what really distinguishes it, so stop worrying about it! All it takes is a click to create stunning photographs that are ready to post and appealing to clients with a fantastic image enhancer API!

Why do we recommend Image Enhancer API?

Image Enhancer API is intended to help anyone to improve the quality of the images they possess. Through several super-resolution algorithms, this API is able to improve how an image is seen. 

If you have a poor-quality photo, this API will make it look better right away. 

What are the most common uses cases of this API?

Several use cases are related to this API. The user will be able to improve the image quality before printing it. 

Also, you can programmatically optimize product images, and increase the resolution of social media pictures. 

This tool is vastly used in the Real Estate Business for resolution improvements. 

And, of course, every business or use case where image quality is important.

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