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Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings With This API

The importance of search engines in our daily lives cannot be overstated. We frequently use them to look up directions, recipes, and other information on the internet. Most people will use search engines to look up a specific company or product before making a purchase, and most people will use search engines to read the news.

In these times, many businesses are now aware of this and are trying to make sure that their websites rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). The top position is typically reserved for the most trustworthy, dependable, and pertinent businesses. As a result, being listed in the top positions of major search engines can increase the visibility of a brand and its products. As a result, it’s crucial for businesses to understand how search engines operate and how to optimize their websites for them. Businesses can increase their chances of ranking highly by using SEO strategies, and this can be used to increase the likelihood that a business will appear at the top of search results for particular keywords. However, if you want to get better results, you need to adopt an alternative API To Google Analytics which also, will be the best asset for you as a developer.

Use An Alternative API To Google Analytics       

Improve Your Site's Search Engine Rankings With This API

An alternative API To Google Analytics is software that enables programmers to add search functionality to websites or applications. It provides backend tools for controlling cluster setups, viewing search metrics, querying various sorts of data, indexing articles, and more.

The best API for indexing large amounts of data fast is the Site Traffic API, which offers direct access to the Contextual Web Search engine. This tool may be used to enter questions in a number of languages, including English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian, and more benefits you should know, especially if you are a developer who wants to deliver immediate, relevant search results from an enormous collection of indexed pages with the help of this API.

Why do we recommend Site Traffic API?

Improve Your Site's Search Engine Rankings With This API

The Site Traffic API will allow you to provide your audiences with thorough search and discovery experiences across several websites. Also, you will be able to view information about visitors’ locations (by nation), average monthly visits, and traffic sources (direct, social media, emails, etc.).

However, if you want to know more about the benefits of this alternative API o Google Analytics, consider these items:

-By entering the site or URL you want to consult, you will be able to see traffic divided by nation, monthly visits, engagement metrics like average visit duration, bounce rate, pages per visit, and the traffic sources

-Due to its flexible design, you will be able to integrate Site Traffic API into your systems as soon as you need.

-HTML, PHP, and JSON are just a few of the many computer languages that can be easily converted to work with this API.

How To Star With This API? Just Follow These Steps

Improve Your Site's Search Engine Rankings With This API

However, if you want to see how this API works, take a look at this test: in this case, after putting the URL of the site (which is, you will be able to see the response which includes the description of the site, top countries, and even the global rank. Due to the response being too long, it will appear shortened:

                                                                                                                                        {"Version":1,"SiteName":"","Description":"the latest uk and world news, business, sport and comment from the times and the sunday time","TopCountryShares":[],"Title":"the times & the sunday times: breaking news & today's latest headlines","Engagments":{"BounceRate":"1","Month":"4","Year":"2023","PagePerVisit":"1","Visits":"105880.35100267292","TimeOnSite":"0"},"EstimatedMonthlyVisits":{"2023-02-01":86183,"2023-03-01":173306,"2023-04-01":105880},"GlobalRank":{"Rank":724328},"CountryRank":{"Country":724,"CountryCode":"ES","Rank":25731},"CategoryRank":{"Rank":null,"Category":null},"IsSmall":true,"TrafficSources":{"Social":null,"Paid Referrals":null,"Mail":null,"Referrals":null,"Search":null,"Direct":null},"Category":null,"LargeScreenshot":"","IsDataFromGa":false,"Countries":[{"Code":"AF","UrlCode":"afghanistan","Name":"Afghanistan"},{"Code":"AX","UrlCode":"land-islands","Name":"Åland Islands"},{"Code":"AL","UrlCode":"albania","Name":"Albania"},{"Code":"DZ","UrlCode":"algeria","Name":"Algeria"},{"Code":"AS","UrlCode":"american-samoa","Name":"American Samoa"},{"Code":"AD","UrlCode":"andorra","Name":"Andorra"},{"Code":"AO","UrlCode":"angola","Name":"Angola"},{"Code":"AI","UrlCode":"anguilla","Name":"Anguilla"},{"Code":"AQ","UrlCode":"antarctica","Name":"Antarctica"},{"Code":"AG","UrlCode":"antigua-and-barbuda","Name":"Antigua and Barbuda"},{"Code":"AR","UrlCode":"argentina","Name":"Argentina"},{"Code":"AM","UrlCode":"armenia","Name":"Armenia"},{"Code":"AW","UrlCode":"aruba","Name":"Aruba"},{"Code":"AU","UrlCode":"australia","Name":"Australia"},{"Code":"AT","UrlCode":"austria","Name":"Austria"},{"Code":"AZ","UrlCode":"azerbaijan","Name":"Azerbaijan"},{"Code":"FI","UrlCode":"finland","Name":"Finland"},{"Code":"FR","UrlCode":"france","Name":"France"},{"Code":"GF","UrlCode":"french-guiana","Name":"French Guiana"},{"Code":"PF","UrlCode":"french-polynesia","Name":"French Polynesia"},{"Code":"TF","UrlCode":"french-southern-territories","Name":"French Southern Territories"},{"Code":"GA","UrlCode":"gabon","Name":"Gabon"},{"Code":"GM","UrlCode":"gambia","Name":"Gambia"},{"Code":"GE","UrlCode":"georgia","Name":"Georgia"},{"Code":"DE","UrlCode":"germany","Name":"Germany"},{"Code":"GH","UrlCode":"ghana","Name":"Ghana"},{"Code":"GI","UrlCode":"gibraltar","Name":"Gibraltar"},{"Code":"GR","UrlCode":"greece","Name":"Greece"},{"Code":"GL","UrlCode":"greenland","Name":"Greenland"},{"Code":"GD","UrlCode":"grenada","Name":"Grenada"},{"Code":"GP","UrlCode":"guadeloupe","Name":"Guadeloupe"},{"Code":"GU","UrlCode":"guam","Name":"Guam"},{"Code":"GT","UrlCode":"guatemala","Name":"Guatemala"},{"Code":"GG","UrlCode":"guernsey","Name":"Guernsey"},{"Code":"GN","UrlCode":"guinea","Name":"Guinea"},
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