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In which country are purchases from Amazon more common?

Consumers in India, the United Kingdom and the United States are the most active for Amazon.

Shopping online is equal to Amazon

When talking about shopping online it is almost impossible that it does not come to mind some companies like Amazon, Mercado Libre, Alibaba, eBay, Linio, Walmart, etc. This tells us about the popular that have become their respective marketplaces as a source to which to go when you want to buy online and you want to have a kind of security guarantee. Particularly Amazon can be considered the main reference in this subject, only in the United States, according to Statista data, during the last quarter of 2018 the market share of the company was 56.1 percent. With this figure we can understand why it is very popular to make purchases from Amazon, but, which country is the most shopping in this marketplace?

The countries where purchases from Amazon dominate

As we share in the graph of this day, according to data from the Statista Global Consumer Survey 2019, India, the United Kingdom and the United States are the regions where the most active users are found in this ecommerce platform. In India alone, 88 percent of the population say that they have made purchases from Amazon in the past 12 months and in the case of the United Kingdom and the United States it is 86 percent.

Amazon and its dominion

As it is possible to notice, they are also several nations of Europe where Amazon has a dominion of the preferences when it is about the online purchases, and of general form with it it is possible to understand a little better the panorama that the businesses that are united to the world face of e-commerce and how they decide to do it, for example, in the case of, the site for the United States, in 2018 1.2 million new sellers joined this marketplace in order to take advantage of the high possibilities offered by the Amount of purchases from Amazon that are made daily.

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