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Inspect Your Bentley Car With This Vehicle Inspection API

Have you been looking for a way to detect damage to your Bentley vehicle automatically? If so, this Car Detector API may help you. Keep reading to find out more.

For any experienced driver, owner or simply enjoyer of luxury vehicles like either Bentley or similar high-end brands; it’s common knowledge that a pristine condition is adequate for these sorts of vehicles. If you by any chance are the owner of a automobile of a high quality brand such as Bentley; then you may like to know how you can get the best damage reports so you can keep your car in the best possible conditions.

You may think that the only way to accurately identify damage or harm on a vehicle is with the aid of a mechanic or cars expert. Well, actually that is not the only real way to do so. In case you haven’t heard; there are numerous ways available on the online web that can greatly help you pinpoint any broken or damaged areas in your vehicles.

What are these new and modern ways to identify vehicle damage? A Car API is one of the best types of technology which you can use to help detect damage. To clarify, an API is a useful way for two operating systems to connect and communicate with each other both data and services. Car APIs for example; work by interchanging data (usually photos of a vehicle) to an AI which analyzes and reports back data on the damage. In itself, the API helps by making the process faster and run smoother.

Where Can I Find A Car API To Help Me Inspect For Damage?

As said, you can find most APIs on the web and they are fairly accessible. However, it can be tricky to see which vehicle inspection API is really a good option for routinely use. This is why a good starting point for you could be Vehicle Damage Detector API. This is an open and available site that can offer you top-notch speed and performance.

Vehicle Damage Detector API is a great damage inspector site used by many car manufacturers, dealerships and developers that work with vehicles. It’s an easy to understand system that works with input-to-output. This means that based on what you give to the site; the AI connected will deliver accurate and precise damage reports.

As a rundown; you first need to provide the Vehicle Damage Detector API with a photo-format file of the vehicle area you want to examine. (Some useful tips to consider; keep the file under 5MB; be sure the resolution is between 2000×2000 and 600×480; and the picture should be taken in an area of 80cm -1.5m) The API will hand the image file to the AI which will then analyze it. The AI can identify over 15 damage types and close to 30 car parts so any damage will be found. Lastly, you’ll receive a response with all the damage reports of the area from the site.

Is This API Suitable For Inspecting Damage On Bentley Cars?

Vehicle Damage Detector API can work for many brands of vehicles, including high end ones like Bentley. Given this, you can be sure that any possible damage on your top-of-the-line vehicle will be able to be identified and you’ll get a precise and reliable report indicating where the damage is and how severe it is. This can greatly help you as either for personal use or if you are part of a car dealership or manufacturer that works with this type or car brand.

Last but not least; Vehicle Damage Detector API operates with a request usage system. In order to first use the service you must sign up an account. This account will then count with a fixed request amount; each month the site refreshes the amount; so that you can use the site’s service. Nonetheless; another thing to point out is that while you start with a good amount of requests you can visit the pricing page and think about purchasing any of the upgrade plans which enhance the number of requests available for use. Don’t miss out on them!

Get to Vehicle Damage Detector API and don’t loose a second inpsecting for damage on your Bentley car, just use right up this great API!

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