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Is It Possible To Do Identity Verification With An API?

Would you like to know if it is possible to do identity verification with an API? Keep reading because in this article we will tell you more about it and which is the best API to do that.

Developers of facial recognition technology must strike a balance between innovation and escalating privacy concerns in order to meet the expectations of a COVID-19 society. The pandemic has provided chances to improve facial recognition technologies and generated new potential use cases in various industries. The use of facial recognition technology has advantages in other fields as well. The days of compromised and forgotten passwords and passcodes are long gone. Facial recognition technology not only improves efficiency but also adds an extra layer of security.

A type of biometric software called facial recognition creates a mathematical map of a person’s facial features and stores the information as a faceprint. To confirm a person’s identification, the software compares a live capture or digital image to the stored faceprint using deep learning techniques. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reports that since 1993, the frequency of false positives in facial recognition systems has decreased by half every two years.

Is It Possible To Do Identity Verification With An API?

Simple Uses Of Face Recognition APIs

-Boarding at the airport. Currently, a lot of airlines have facial recognition technology on board. In the US, face-matching technology is used in more than 15 airports to expedite boarding. In fact, Europe is also experiencing a boom in interest in this technology.

-Unlock vehicles. Electric automobiles are already a thing, but have you ever considered simply using your face to unlock your car? Using face recognition, users will be able to unlock their cars, according to a concept unveiled by China’s Byton.

-Devices that use facial recognition can be unlocked. The ability to unlock our electronic devices is one benefit of facial recognition.

If you need to do face verification with a face comparison validator API, we highly recommend using Face Comparison Validator. With this powerful tool you will be able to do face matching in a simple manner. Moreover, it can be done using almost all our personal digital devices. Start using it!

Is It Possible To Do Identity Verification With An API?

To learn how to do face matching with Face Comparison Validator, follow these simple and short steps:

– Visit the website for The Face Comparison Validator.

-Select your preferred recurring payment option or start a free trial.

-Paste the URL of the first image you want to compare in the linkFile1 field.

-Next, enter the URL for the second image you want to compare in the linkFile2 box.

-Finally, click “Test Endpoint.”

Regarding Face Comparison Validator

Using the Face Comparison API, you may check whether a person looks the same in two pictures. You can compare the two pictures using our artificial intelligence to check if they really show the same person. For example, you might set up a face verification checkpoint at work or utilize this API to make user registration in bank apps simpler.

Additionally, each response you get from this API will be distinct. There has already been one message sent. One displays how similar the two faces are to one another, while the other does the same.

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