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Is paraphrasing useful for SEO?

Do you have a blog, a website or do you need to post regular content on the internet? You probably have wondered if there was a way of accomplishing SEO’s requirements more easily then we can give you a lifesaving recommendation: paraphrasing. Just keep reading!

When text editors and writers want to create a more persuasive argument by using text that matches the style of the site they are editing or writing for, they often use paraphrasing applications.

The text’s authenticity is one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting a good positioning with SEO. If your article shares many similarities with other pieces of content on the internet, it has a low uniqueness level, which means it won’t appear on Google’s first page. And the simplest way to avoid any similarities or plagiarism is to rewrite your work using a paraphrasing online tool. The text’s meaning and message remain unchanged, but the level of originality increases dramatically. Increased SEO results in more readers and customers.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is more than just changing a phrase or inserting a few words here and there. Paraphrasing does not directly copy the meaning; it adds new meaning, allowing you to get the main idea but spin it in a different direction. The most important aspect of using paraphrasing tools is to consider all of the words that follow the first part of the sentence you’re paraphrasing. Make certain that you are simply paraphrasing what someone else has said and not inventing new words!

Now, there’s plenty of online paraphrasing tools, we will tell about one of our favourites: Plaraphy.

Is paraphrasing useful for SEO?


Plaraphy is a tool that employs cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) to rewrite any text content or discover new ways to express yourself. This paraphrasing tool will show you new ways to express yourself without having to copy and paste the original text. This tool isn’t just for writers; it’s also useful for anyone who needs to rewrite a text or get some writing inspiration. All of its tools are available for free, with upgrades and perks available through Premium plans.

You can also choose the best mode for your rewritten text. There are three options available with this service: Standard Mode reliably rewrites text to preserve meaning; Fluency Mode ensures text is readable and error-free; and Creative Mode completely paraphrases content. Isn’t it useful?

The service is quick and completely free. Plaraphy’s algorithms have also been constantly improved by adding more language data and fine-tuning the engine to deliver better results on a consistent basis. It can assist you whether you need an article rewritten or just some writing ideas.

Is paraphrasing useful for SEO?

How do I use Plaraphy?

It is very intuitive and easy to use, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Plaraphy paraphrasing tool.
  2. Paste the text you need to paraphrase into the given box.
  3. Click ‘Paraphrase’
  4. Your paraphrased content will be given to you in a matter of seconds!

It isn’t complicated at all and you will be saving time and effort in your writings!

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