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Is There A Foreign Exchange Rates API to Know The Price Of Currencies?

Are you looking to access currency conversion, foreign exchange rates, and world market data in one place? If so, a foreign exchange rates API can help you.

The world of finance has changed dramatically in the past few years. A lot of new data is generated every day; which enables us to analyze the markets and make better decisions. This data is useful for many purposes: businesses, fintech, trades, investment and developers.

Now, money problems can be a common cause of much stress. In fact, nearly half of us say money is the biggest source of stress in our lives, according to the American Psychological Association.

Luckily, there are tools like an online forex API that can help you get live currency exchange rates, without spending any extra time searching for them yourself. Now, you may are wondering: what is a Foreign Exchange Rates API? Or, what is an API in general?

Is There A Foreign Exchange Rates API to Know The Price Of Currencies?

What is a Forex API?

“API” stands for application programming interface. It’s basically a way for software applications to communicate and exchange information with one another.

A Foreign Exchange (Forex) API will help you get all the information about foreign exchange rates that you need. With it, you’ll be able to stay up to date with all the currencies rates, as well as integrate its data into your own system and use it however you want!

With this said, we are sure you are already thinking: I need one of those! Well, you are in luck, we have a foreign exchange API in mind that will definitely help you!


Exchangr is a JSON API that delivers real-time currency conversions and foreign exchange rates. It’s forex system is integrated with information gathered from several reputable sources and world banks. Because of this, Exchangr is a reliable FX API that offers data for 164 currencies. This sums up to 172 international currencies!

Exchangr API makes it easy for you to integrate your personal website or app with the best currency converter available on the web. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to quickly convert any amount from one currency into another. Also you can view historical rates over a period of time ranging from as little as one minute up until a full month. Moreover, this API is budget friendly, so you can either enjoy using the Free Plan, or get advanced API access and perks through a friendly $10 per month!

Exchangr is practical and easy to use so that anyone can save time when they need to convert currencies. This without having to go through all those extra steps involved in finding out what the rate might be on any given day of their trip abroad –

Is There A Foreign Exchange Rates API to Know The Price Of Currencies?

How to use Exchangr

You can use Exchangr for free and it just takes you 5 minutes. Here is how you can do it;

  1. Click here to register and obtain you API key. With this you will get access to Exchangr’s endpoints.
  2. Select the currencies you want to obtain rates, or convert.
  3. Lastly, make the API call. To do so, just follow what the Documentation says in here.

And just like that, you will get the information in a heartbeat!

But, if you have any question or doubts, we suggest you to visit the Frecuent Asked Question page by clicking here. There you will have a lot of already answered questions that can help you understand better how Exchangr API works.

Also, if you have a question that is not answered in that site, then you can always contact Exchangr’s team directly! They are working from 10am to 7pm (EST time). Write them a message via the contact form or email and Customer Support team will write you shortly.

That’s it! Now you know that Exchangr is the one place you will get currency conversion and foreign exchange rates!

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