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Is There A Way To Block Unsafe Websites From Different Computers?

Are you wondering if there is a way to block unsafe website from different computers? Then, read to the end because here we will tell you everything you need to know about it!

Surfing the Internet is not only not always safe, but nowadays, you don’t know what you might encounter. Unpleasant content that you weren’t looking for can appear at a moment’s notice, related to violence, sex and drugs, to give you a few examples. 

However, if you are the one who sees it, well, just leave the site and that’s it. But what if your children see it? That’s where things get trickier. Children love playing computer games and downloading videos from the Internet. However, they are exposed to adult content, gambling and many other things that you want to avoid at all costs. 

So, if you are asking yourself if there is a way to block unsafe websites from different computers to protect your family in your own house, the answer is yes. In order to do so, you can turn to a domain API, which can determine whether if a site is dangerous or not, and provide a confidence rate. 

You could easily have a list of sites you need to block by using one of these high-technology tools. These software programs can tell whether if a site is safe or not, provide the security rate and also give you the categories it is related to. All this information is valuable when wanting to know exactly what should be blocked.

On the other side, this sort of APIs is also used in school networks, to prevent children from accessing adult content when they are not being supervised by any teacher. But that is not all. Business also use domain APIs for enhancing the security of their computer system. 

So, as a result, a domain API is a total must if you are wondering how to protect your children or your company data. If what you want is to block unsafe website from multiple computers, here we will introduce you to the best domain API available in 2022 for doing that. 

What Is The Best Domain API?

There are quite a few good tools available on the market to help you into block website from your computers, but here we will talk about the one that is the easiest to use, the quickest and most effective: Domain Reputation And Children Safety API.

A simple API call can tell you if a site is safe and if the domain is suitable for children. This API, on the other hand, can guide you away from scams and inadequate websites. As a result, this API is strongly recommended for improving security at all levels.

It will retrieve the safety status, which for a secure domain means “safe,” the confidence rate, which varies from 1 to 100, and the child safety rate, which also varies from 1 to 100. You will also be provided a confidence score and a list of categories that relate to the domain you analyzed.

Step By Step On Using It

The Domain Reputation and Child Safety API is extremely easy to use, with a complete response in seconds and only a few clicks. We will walk you through the process of determining the security of any domain in this section.

  1. From the Zyla API Hub, pick the Domain Reputation and Children Safety API.
  2. Sign up for an API Key.
  3. Insert the domain to be researched.
  4. Check out at the outcomes.

We have already told you how to block unsafe websites from different computers and introduced you to the best API to help you in doing this. You can stop worrying about the content that your children get access to by using this incredible API! 

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