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Is There An Alcohol Detection API Available On The Web?

The short answer is yes, there is an alcohol detection API available on the web. This is possible by the Image Moderation API; which is a machine learning platform that can be used to automatically detect and moderate improper images. Also, Image Moderation API can be used to detect a variety of content, including nudity, gore, violence, drugs, and alcohol.

How does not avoiding alcohol content could affect your websites?

We all know that too much alcohol can be harmful to our health. But did you know that it can also be harmful to your website? That’s right – not avoiding alcohol content on your website can actually have a negative impact on your business.

Sure, a little alcohol here and there is no big deal. But if you’re constantly bombarding your visitors with alcohol-related content, they’re going to start to get annoyed. And if they get annoyed, they’re less likely to visit your site again. Not to mention, they’re also less likely to recommend your site to their friends.

So if you want to keep your visitors happy and keep your business thriving, it’s best to avoid alcohol content on your website.

Avoid any substance content with an API of image detection

There are many reasons to avoid substances with an API of image detection. Some of these reasons include the possibility of the substance being harmful, the likelihood of the substance being addictive, and the potential for the substance to cause negative side effects.

With an image moderator, you’ll be able to identify substances such as alcohol, drugs, and medicine; and avoid them if you need to. Even if you want to filter what your children see on websites; or if you are an ex-addict and seen substances images affect you. In any case, with an image moderation API, you’ll be able to choose what to not see.

Protect your children from alcohol or drug content with an image moderation API

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your children from harmful content. But with the internet, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep them safe. Social media and other online platforms are full of images of alcohol and drugs, and it can be tough to monitor all of the content your children are exposed to.

But there’s one solution that can help: an image moderation API. This type of API can help you filter out images of alcohol and drugs, so you can be sure that your children are only seeing safe, age-appropriate content. So if you’re looking for a way to protect your children from harmful content, an image moderation API is a great solution.

Image Moderation API: the best API for Alcohol Detection

If you’re looking for an API that can help you detect alcohol in images, look no further than the Image Moderation API. This API is able to automatically detect and moderate images containing alcohol, making it a valuable tool for anyone who needs to monitor and control offensive content.

Also, Image Moderation API is very easy to use. Simply upload an image to the API and it will return a score that indicates the likelihood that the image contains alcohol. If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate way to detect alcohol in images, the Image Moderation API is the best solution.

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