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Keep Track Of The Best Rate Possible Using a Currency Exchange Rates API

Do you want to obtain the best rate possible when doing currency exchange but don’t know how? If so, keep reading!

The world is becoming more global with each passing day. In fact, there are a lot of businesses that have people in their employ that are located all over the world. One of the biggest problems they face is currency conversion. Now, there are at least two ways to obtain the best outcome possible when doing a currency exchange:

  1. Always get the best rate possible. You can do this by using a currency exchange API. This is what will allow any business or person to keep track of the international market and make sure they get the best possible price.
  2. Be ahead of what is going on. This is where real-time currency exchange API comes in handy. It allows you to constantly monitor the world market and be alert to changes. As soon as they happen, you can decide whether you need to buy; or sell foreign currencies and take advantage of the situation.

So, if you are in business and you need to trade currencies; you might want the best currency exchange API there is. Fortunately, we know which one is that!

Keep Track Of The Best Rate Possible Using a Currency Exchange Rates API

Exchangr is your ideal currency exchange API

The currency exchange rates change every day, and if you have an important transaction to make, or an investment to make, then it is wise to know the current situation of currency exchange. Luckily for you, Exchangr API can help you with that! This tool is a currency exchange rates and conversions API that uses JSON data to provide precise forex information.

Exchangr delivers precise and dependable currency data obtained from a variety of respected financial providers. Hence, it takes real-time and historical data from them, combines it algorithmically, and then makes it available to you. This is how this currency exchange API provides 172 international currencies!

Keep Track Of The Best Rate Possible Using a Currency Exchange Rates API

How can Exchangr API help me?

We are glad you asked, first of all, you won’t be paying for it! Exchangr offers a Free Plan that is very complete. So you can use it without wasting a cent. With this plan you will get: 250 API Calls every month; the necessary support; hourly updates; access to Historical Data; and access to Exchangr’s enpoints such as: Conversion, Timeseries, and Fluctuation.

Of course, if you need more than that, you can always purchase paid plans that are budget friendly and perfect for startups! The price starts at an affordable $10 per month, and you can see and compare what is the best plan for you right here.

So, obtain the best rate possible by knowing exactly how much money should be exchanged at that exact moment. For instance, if a political decision will take place tomorrow and will most likely change the value of one currency against another; then postpone your transaction until after that event and buy the currency when its value will go down. You can be aware of it with Exchangr!

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