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KFC joins the fast food chains that accept Dash in Venezuela

In recent months, Dash has shown great growth in Venezuela. Different conventional stores, restaurants and supermarkets began to accept the cryptocurrency to make payments. Now, the famous fast food establishment, KFC, joined the apparent fever that exists in the South American country for digital currencies.

At the beginning, KFC will only implement this in Caracas (capital of Venezuela), to study the acceptance they will have among the public. Depending on that, it will expand to other locations in the country.

KFC and cryptocurrencies

This is not the first initiative that has the fast food chain related to cryptocurrencies. In January 2018, they did a test in Canada where they offered the “Bitcoin Bucket”, which allowed users to buy a chicken cube with the most famous digital currency of all.

During this test, KFC joked with a marketing gimmick they made public in a tweet, which read: “KFC Canada introduces the Bitcoin Bucket. Sure, we do not know exactly what Bitcoins are, or how they work, but that should not come between you and a little chicken to suck your fingers. ”

The “Dash fever” in Venezuela

The Venezuelan population, which every day must fight with the highest inflation in the continent, has found a lifeline in cryptocurrencies to try to maintain the value of their money. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum are widely used by Venezuelans, there is a digital currency that stands out among the others for the number of businesses that accept it to make payments: Dash.

“The Dash movement is spreading and growing rapidly in Venezuela,” said Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Text co-founder Alejandro Echeverría. “First, it was the food trucks that small family businesses started adopting Dash for payments. Now we are attracting more established businesses. ”

The Dash organization is decided to be that life-saving that the population of the country so much needs to face the inflation that grows day by day. That is why they have tried to adapt as much as possible to the needs of society.

For example, in November of this year, Dash Text was launched, a cryptocurrency transaction service based on SMS that does not need the Internet to carry out operations. This is particularly useful in Venezuela, since most of the population does not have a smart phone to connect to the network to make a payment with digital coins.

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