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The financial world is changing at a tremendous pace and more and more disruptive startups are causing old-established institutions to sweat. They are so-called fintechs. So that you are prepared, we show you here the best fintech online courses and the best specialization fintech online course program.

The Best Specialization Fintech Online Course Program

With the “Digital Transformation of Financial Services” specialization from the Copenhagen Business School, you really think of everything from the field of fintechs.

The specialization examines the evolving financial world and focuses on the changing dynamics caused by the transformation of products and services into digital goods, new customer requirements, and changing rules for managing the competitive landscape.

They learn about concepts such as digital platforms and business ecosystems, get to know the emerging fintech landscape and master a new toolbox to successfully compete for innovation in the digital age of finance. In the final Capstone project, you create and defend a holistic digital transformation strategy for a real business.

Throughout the course, faculty members will use state of the art examples to present their own research results from the European and North American financial industry and present practices from leading digital financial services companies and companies such as MobilePay, Saxo Bank and PayPal.

The course focuses on the financial sector especially in North America and Europe, but the course also includes materials that are relevant to the financial and insurance sectors and inspired by Africa.

This specialization is aimed at learners who have or are seeking a career in the digital finance industry.

The best fintech online courses

Copenhagen Business School wants to give you insights into the intersection of digitization and finance coming from one of the world’s leading regions for digital innovation in this fintech online course.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies technologies

To really understand what’s so special about Bitcoin, we need to understand how it works on a technical level. The Fintech Online Course Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies from Princeton University does just that and much more.

After this course you will know everything you need to know to separate facts from fictions when reading claims about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You have the conceptual foundations you need to develop secure software that interacts with the Bitcoin network. And you can integrate blockchain ideas into your own projects.

Fintech strategy development

In this course on fintech strategy development from the Copenhagen Business School you will learn all about fintech strategies and the right strategy development. You’ll also see how some of the world’s leading financial companies are innovating and seeing inspiring examples from the Digital Masters such as Google, Apple and Amazon.

InsurTech 101

Technology Startups in the insurance industry are also known as InsurTechs. With the InsureTech Online Course of the Fintech School you will get to know the evolving InsurTech landscape and its potential. You’ll understand how technology is changing the insurance industry. You will also be aware of the opportunities and opportunities to get involved in this area.

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