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Learn how to develop a strategy to position a dropshipping site

Dropshipping is one of the most popular ways to make money on the internet. It even becomes almost unavoidable when it comes to creating an e-commerce site. But choosing dropshipping does not mean that you will succeed every time: as with any online business creation process, it requires work and especially the development of a relevant strategy to ensure that your site be well positioned. Positioning on search engines is indeed a prerequisite to gain visibility and thus close sales more effectively.

The SEO issue

We can not address the issue of positioning on search engines without talking about SEO. SEO is one of the main ways in which you can promote your site. For your SEO to be effective, you will need to focus on the right keywords, relevant to your sector. To list these keywords, you should start by putting yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and inform yourself about the terms they use most often to find what they need on the search engines.

Then you will need to make a list of the keywords that are most relevant to your area of expertise. You can even expand and find those that are in tune with all parts of your sector to be sure to attract not only a target, but also collaborators and potential partners.

Finally, you must opt for keywords that will attract the public to your dropshipping site, but which are at the same time little competition. The only way to get there is to focus on long tail keywords.

It is important to note that even if SEO is effective, its results can be delayed over several months. It is therefore advisable to associate it with other strategies such as SEA or Search Engine Acquisition Advertising to display advertisements offered by search engines. In order for your SEA campaign to achieve optimal results, it is important that you use the right keywords, hence the need to combine it with a natural search strategy.

Social networks can also be leveraged for your digital communication strategy

You must remember that the millions or even billions of users they gather are all potential customers. It seems logical, or even essential to go through these networks to promote your dropshipping site. In this context, you will need to identify the social networks that correspond to your audience and define a communication strategy, because selling online using this means can not be improvised.

For example, you must define the number of publications you will make daily, the tone to adopt to meet your subscribers…

Google’s algorithms are formal: your site must be rich in content in order to hope to earn a place on this engine. This is the point of getting started in blogging because there is no better way to bring content to visitors to your page. In practice, instead of bombarding your customers with advertisements, you offer them more to know: quality information. At present, where 61% of consumers get information through articles before buying a product, keeping a blog is essential. Also note that by setting up a blog on your dropshipping site, you get up to 97% more links and up to 4x more referenced pages than a site that does not.

Stay active!

Thus, for your blog to positively impact the traffic of your dropshipping site, you must observe a few points of vigilance and in particular: regularly publish, write articles with high added value, avoid plagiarism, and even write your own product sheets ! This will save you from offering the same descriptions as your competitors for the same products.

You can also vary the formats to avoid that the monotony is installed on your blog: use beautiful images, short videos, infographics…

Online advertising is not harmful to the visibility of your dropshipping site, provided that it is well dosed with informative articles. Moreover, the use of advertising makes it possible to obtain fast results in online sales without stock. To do this, you can use the display of banners and banners, sponsored links, the appearance of a web page, the pop-up window (to use sparingly, because often considered as intrusive), etc.

You can associate blogging with a netlinking campaign to optimize the number of links that return to your dropshipping site. But the main requirement for this strategy to work to gain popularity is to use natural links and quality. To do this, you can use different methods, such as exchanging links with other bloggers, guest-blogging (writing an article as a guest on someone else’s blog), or supporting your blog posts. information by links that refer to reference sites such as Wikipedia for example.

Note that the implementation of a netlinking campaign can also be entrusted to an SEO agency to ensure that you use the right technique and thus ensure conclusive results on the traffic of your dropshipping site.

Although it dates a little, the technique of emailing is not yet obsolete. On the contrary, this strategy is still effective to push consumers to buy your products. Its effectiveness is explained by the fact that Internet users always appreciate being informed before proceeding to the purchase of a product. When you communicate in a targeted way about your promotions and news by e-mail to your customers, you fill this need information.

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