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Look Up For Film Information With An API

The Movie and Series Database API has more than a million filmography entries for actors, producers, directors, and other people involved in the film industry, and it includes information on more than 100,000 films.

In addition to a wealth of other information about the motion picture industry, it includes plot summaries, character names, movie ratings, years of release, movie trivia, quotes, goofs, soundtracks, production companies, distributors, special effects companies, languages, reviews, and information about the Academy Awards. 

The database serves as a user-friendly and incredibly thorough resource for movies. The more than 2,250,000 filmographies, which include more than 560,000 people and 180,000 film titles, make up the database’s core. 

Cross-referencing the categories of actors, directors, writers, composers, cinematographers, editors, production designers, costume designers, and producers is made simple by the database’s linkages.

Now imagine having all that information in one place.

How could another tool even compete with our Movie and Series Database API?

The answer is clear, they can’t. That’s why we invite you to continue reading about this powerful digital tool at the reach of a click.

What does the Movie and Series Database API stand for?

By utilizing the API service, you can incorporate our actor, TV show, or movie photographs and/or data into your application. You and your team can automatically access and use our data and/or pictures with the aid of our API.

A closer look to the API

Our API is accessible to everyone. You need to have an account with the Movie and Series Database API in order to request an API key. Professional users are admitted based on each application’s specific requirements.

What if we wanted to assign a rating to each of our movies? Ratings are, um, sort of generic information; they don’t pertain to any one particular movie per se, but rather to many movies.

Why don’t we make a different table just for the ratings and link it to our movies table? Essentially, that is a “One to Many” relationship. A rating can be held by multiple films, but a movie can only have one rating.

The website also provides data on budgets and revenues. If a user wants to access information on getting in touch with agents, managers, etc. for the purpose of putting together a movie professionally, they can pay a little bit extra for Movie and Series Database API.

The material on this website is quite trustworthy because professionals in the film business use it frequently to learn about people and their involvement in the industry. It is not guaranteed to be true, and the website disclaims all liability if the information proves to be false.

How much does the Movie and Series Database API cost?

To suit every demand you (or your company) may have, we provide four tremendously varied Movie and Series Database API plan options.

Under the non-cost plan, the first fulfills 100 Requests each month.

The next one up is the Basic plan, which allows for 1,000 requests per month.

Following is the Pro plan with 10,000 Requests per Month.

The Pro Plus plan is the final and receives 100,000 requests each month.

But as if these four excellent plans weren’t enough, we also have a fresh Custom plan that you can change to meet the shifting requirements of your business.

Since we are aware that needs are continuously changing and being added to or removed, we work hard to be able to offer this new option to anyone who need it.

We hope that you would give our Movie and Series Database API a try.

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