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Looking for an App to Colorize Old photos? Check this Android and iOS App

Want a free Android and iOS app to colorize black and white photos?

We have the answer: Colorize 🎨 auto colorize Old Black&White Photos (Android App)

Colorize your Old Black&White Photos app is using deep learning artificial intelligence to smartly colorize your old photos in seconds and It’s completely free to use.

Colorize black and white images or videos using the image colorization app. Add color to old family photos and historic images, or bring an old film back to life with colorization.

How it works

Colorize 🎨 auto colorize Old Black&White Photos (Android App)
  • Tap “Colorize” button to colorize an image.
  • Search the photo in your Photo Library and done!
Your Old photo colourized

Be patient and wait for your image to process. Once done you may click the circle with arrows to see the difference between the color andgrayscale images. To download your converted photo, right click the color image and click “Share”

Use Deep Learning to Automatically Colorize Black and White Photos is great idea as you can see.

Bring new life to old photos by automatically colorizing them using this mobile app. The Colorful Image Colorization is a computer vision algorithm trained on a million images from the Imagenet dataset.

Download App here

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