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Meet this entrepreneur: Carlos Blanco, a reference for the european entrepreneurial ecosystem

Carlos Blanco, a reference for the european entrepreneurial ecosystem, returns to Alhambra Venture in Granad.

The entrepreneur and Catalan investor Carlos Blanco, a reference for the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem, will once again be one of the exceptional speakers in this new edition of Alhambra Venture 2019, which will take place on July 3 and 4 at the Palacio de Congresos de Granada. Qualified as an excellent communicator, entrepreneur and private investor in the sector of new technologies, Blanco has been awarded the Best Entrepreneur of Spain 2014 prize for the ‘X Pyme Awards for Expansion and Ifema’ and ‘Best Business Angel 2014’, for the Aeban awards.

The interest of his talks

His training and his long professional career make him never leave anyone indifferent with his talks. Thus, in the colloquium of this edition, ‘After the investment begins a life in common’, the investor will deal, along with Antonio Bustamante de Chekin, the relationship that arises between entrepreneur and investor.

He started his career as an entrepreneur in 1996 when he founded his first startup, Servifútbol. He got investors in the year 2000, experienced the boom of 1999 and 2001 and the 2001 dotcom crisis. Later, he founded the ITnet Group incubator, 2002-2015); Akamon Entertainment, 2011, sold to Imperus in 2015.

He is also an influencer

The entrepreneur and investor has more than 100,000 followers in social networks, is the editor of the reference blog for entrepreneurs and writer of the book ‘The main mistakes of entrepreneurs’, a publication that took place in 2013 and that deals with most common mistakes that entrepreneurs fall into when they start to start their own business.

In 2016, Carlos Blanco founded Nuclio Venture Builder, the company builder from which he undertakes all his business. It also launched Encomenda Smart Capital, to manage all its investments, which since 2005 amount to more than 85 companies.

A referencial investor

When it comes to investing, he explains that he looks at the project leader, the sector and the team. Although it works in all kinds of sectors, among its favorites are ecommerce, logistics, fintech, IA and Bigdata.

He is an investor in companies such as Globo, CornerJob, Kantox, Citibox, Deporvillage, Chicfy, Meller, GOI, Captio, Housfy, Reclaimer, Holded, Eelp, Blueknow, Kompyte, MAM, Agroptima, Localist, Jobin, Boardfy, Singularu, Brokoli, Finteca , ScanLoteria, Fotawa, Deliberry, Adictik, Vudoir, Naak, PopPlaces or Myworkup. Among his most famous exits are: Akamon, Habitissimo, Rural Escape Infantium, or partial departures in Glovo, Kantox or Deporvillage.

Finally, about the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem, Blanco explains that “we are privileged, since Spain is the only EU country that has two cities among the 10 best to start in Europe, it is a luxury to have Barcelona, the fourth European hub of entrepreneurship and one of the six best in the world, as well as Madrid, which does not stop growing “.

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