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New ad system enables to develop revenue

On Tuesday, Brave Browser, an encryption-friendly internet application headed by Mozilla Firefox founder Brendan Eich, made a surprising announcement, apparently with the goal of starting 2019 with a proverbial bang. Through a company launch, the Brave and Basic Attention Token (BAT) team consisting of Eich, along with a variety of fintech, Silicon Valley and crypto veterans, revealed that it would be in a preview opt-in ads on desktop browser development channel.

While this feature sounds hazy, there is more to this integration than meets the eye. In fact, as broken down in an article in PC Magazine, this new advertising model will allow common Joes and Jills to gain cryptography, in the form of BAT, and possibly other rewards in the feature.

This new offer, called Brave Rewards, will divert 70% of the advertising revenue obtained to users who accept to see advertisements. The remaining 30% will be paid to Brave’s war chest. This move is probably controversial, but necessary for the long-term survival of the blockchain project. Rewards will be available through the Brave browser developer edition.

Looking outward, the Brave team revealed that they expect users to choose to earn more than $ 60 to $ 70 per year in the near future. They are predicting that $ 224 per year could be earned by 2020 through the Brave’s internal ecosystem.

While this sounds great, a $ 224 / year free cash to see ads,  there is a problem. At the time of writing this document, Brave has announced its support for the removal of the BAT token, as the company wants Rewards users to reward their favorite content creators, whether large new portals or YouTube.

After this feature is successfully activated, Brave intends to activate ‘publisher-integrated ads’ which will allow content creators to present private ads on the content creators’ pages through the startup systems. Subsequently, the company explained its Brave Ads offer and its benefits from a top-down perspective, writing:

With Brave Ads, we are reforming an online advertising system that has become invasive and unusable. Users have used ad blockers to claim their privacy from ads that track and sometimes even infect them, and publishers find it increasingly difficult to get advertising revenue to maintain quality content with intermediaries that charge huge amounts of money.

Due to this positive news, the popular altcoin, which recently gained support from the power of the Coinbase industry, has published a respectable price increase. At the time of writing this document, BAT is currently valued at $ 0.125 each, with 3% in the last 24 hours. Cryptography, currently number 36 in the ranking of this market, is currently surpassing Bitcoin (BTC) by 2.7%, and Ethereum (ETH) by 2.4%.

In the same line of the prices of the cryptocurrency, the wider market has registered almost zero movement in the last 24 hours. According to data from Coin Price Watch, BTC has been found at $ 3,645, a gain of just 0.58% on the last day. Other leading cryptographic assets have also registered slight gains, but still have a performance below the BAT.

XRP, the main asset of the fintech upstart Ripple, rose 1.27%, as it is just below the price level of $ 0.33 at $ 0.3296. ETH, which recently fell due to the delay of the fork of Constantinople, found an increase of 2%.ETH is trying to recover part of the losses incurred yesterday.

While the market has a slightly positive trend, some analysts expect BTC to be ready to dive. Speaking to MarketWatch, Jani Ziedens, of Cracked Market, stated that BTC, if it is truly oversold, should be publishing monumental gains at this time instead of being on a prolonged pause. Therefore, Ziedens added that this lethargic base indicates that the demand is limited, even incredibly weak and as such the lowest cryptographic funds can be incoming.

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