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Obtain All The Data You Need To Improve Your Business With This API

Data analysis will be essential for the survival of almost all businesses in the medium term. Therefore, transforming your company to a data-driven philosophy is essential. Data analysis is a pending issue for many companies. In a context where customer segmentation and data-driven will be essential for the survival of businesses in the medium term. This trend has gained new momentum as a result of the pandemic and seems to be a key factor for entrepreneurs in all sectors. Continue reading Obtain All The Data You Need To Improve Your Business With This API and don’t be left behind.

Obtain All The Data You Need To Improve Your Business With This API

5 keys to becoming a data-driven company

Converting your business to data-driven is a process that, depending on the type of company you run, can be long and expensive. However, there is a multitude of tools that will allow you to squeeze the data to improve productivity and get closer to the trends that will dominate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the future. On this subject, we will give you some keys.

Big Data

Companies are alive, and so is the market. Selecting a few important data is no longer an option. For analytics to be efficient, the less we leave out, the better. Therefore, having Big Data capable of managing and analyzing a large amount of internal and external data is key to transforming your company into data-driven.

Democratize data

Now analytics reaches all areas of the company. People Analytics, risk management, supply chain optimization; cash management, and, recently, sustainability and corporate responsibility projects are becoming more and more common. Thus, decisions are made under a clear analytical trend that is much more visual based on the concept of dashboards; leaving behind the flat reports.

Data governance

Managing so many users with diverse needs and large volumes of internal and external data comes at a cost and can lead to chaos that is difficult to manage. Data governance is essential in data-driven companies, so that the information flows correctly to the people who need it and that its quality is impeccable to ensure good decisions.

Cloud storage

The flexibility, scalability, security, cost savings, and improvement in processing and communication times have made the cloud the perfect ally for Big Data and modern analytics.

Advanced analysis

Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence… These solutions allow you to predict what is going to happen and develop customer retention strategies; route optimization models, and more efficient maintenance plans, to predict absenteeism or determine the best fits for a vacant position. In short, complete the process of data-driven transformation in your company.

Obtain All The Data You Need To Improve Your Business With Site Traffic API

Site Traffic API offers a JSON API to get estimated website traffic statistics. It includes website worth/value and monthly page views, in addition to unique visitors, site revenue (from advertising), and more. Equally important, you can integrate this API into your services to provide traffic statistics to your clients. As well, you can use it to quickly estimate the amount of traffic to any website.

Obtain All The Data You Need To Improve Your Business With This API

This is a very powerful algorithm that can estimate the amount of traffic to any website. It took years to fine-tune it to be as accurate as possible and we constantly improve it. Powered by SimilarWeb, this website analytics tool can help businesses to estimate the website traffic volume of competitors, while media/advertising agencies and SEO agencies can use it to check the traffic of any website.

Simple Pricing

Site Traffic API offers a “Pay-as-You-Go” plan that allows you to buy only API queries you need, there are no recurring or hidden fees and purchased queries do not expire. When you submit a website, i.e, to our API endpoint, it is considered one API query. So if you need to scan 1000 websites, you need 1000 API queries. The more API queries you buy the less you pay them.

Want to learn more about Site Traffic API?

For additional information on how to take advantage of the Site Traffic API, go to the FAQ on Site Traffic or check Use This Site Traffic API To Measure The Performance Of Your Site

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