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Obtain Any Domain’s Reputation In Seconds With This API

Are you interested in obtaining a domain’s reputation? You can now do it simply using an API and it only takes a few seconds. If you don’t know what an API is or how to use it, read on and find out.

You may already be aware that domain reputation affects how probable it is that people will visit your website, but did you also know that it is one of the most important factors that search engines consider when allocating a website’s ranking?

Search engines utilise domain reputation as a gauge of how trustworthy and authoritative other websites on the internet find your website to be.

Any organisation that uses email to communicate with clients or business partners must prioritise domain reputation. Deliverability issues can be caused by a poor reputation, and deliverability problems can be mitigated by a positive reputation.

Be sure to maintain a clean email list and steer clear of spamming tactics if you want to enhance the reputation of your domain. You can ensure that your emails always reach their intended recipient by working to increase IP reputation, domain trust, and sender score.

But how can you know your domain’s reputation? Well, that’s easy: using an API: 

What Is An API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” An API can basically be compared to a restaurant menu. You can order from a list of dishes on the menu, each of which is described. The restaurant’s kitchen prepares your requested menu items and delivers some finished dishes to you. You don’t actually need to know the particular method the restaurant uses to prepare that food.

What API Should I Use?

The best one in the market is Domain Reputation and Children Safety API. You can get it entering the Zyla API Hub and subscribe for free.

With the help of this API, you can look up the security of any domain. It also provides a confidence score that you may use to determine whether your reputation needs to be improved.

It can be used, among other things, to massively block hazardous domains. For instance, this could involve blocking websites on a school network that are inappropriate for kids. Filtering out database domains with a high confidence score from those with a lower score is another technique to make use of this API.

With the help of this API, you can obtain information about categories, child safety, reputation score (also from 1 to 100), confidence score (also from 1 to 100), and safety status (safe, unknown, not safe) (a list of categories that fit the domain, with a confidence score).

What To Do First

You should take the following actions to begin using this Domain Reputation and Children Safety API:

1-Create an account at

2. Double-check your email and sign up for the API without cost.

3-Enter any domain you wish to examine, then click “test endpoint.” You will learn everything you require to know about this domain, such as the confidence level, child safety, and more.

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