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Obtain Content Domain Data In Just A Few Clicks

Are you creating your own website? Do you want to investigate about a platform or how to classify one? Read this article and learn how to do it quickly and for free!

The use of the internet to create spaces in which to express oneself, sell or create content has expanded in the last two years. With the time of the pandemic, users have had more time to do so and to invest in their use of the internet in the way they wanted, researching and testing their limits with it.

In this way, we can all create a web page and be efficient in its development, so how can we manage to classify all this new amount of information? An Internet filter, for example, is software that limits or regulates the content that a user may access on the Internet, especially when used to limit material delivered over the Internet via the Web, email, or other methods.

Obtain Content Domain Data In Just A Few Clicks

In general, web filters proceed in various manners. They can prevent content depending on the site’s quality by verifying established lists that document and classify popular sites across all types of information. They can also examine the page’s content in real time and block it if necessary.

The Website Categorization API divides a website’s content into categories. It organizes and categorizes URLs. There are various APIs for Company Logos and Categorizations available on the internet, but Klazify looks to be the most popular and should meet all of your needs.

Why Using Klazify?

Klazify’s Website Classification and Company Logo API uses a machine learning (ML) engine to scan a website’s content and information. The use of machine learning algorithms, which allows it to offer substantially more accurate and faster results than manual searches, is one of the most visible differences.

Obtain Content Domain Data In Just A Few Clicks

Klazify will go to the provided website or URL, gather data, and categorize it for 1-to-1 personalisation, marketing segmentation, internet filtering, and other applications using an IAB V2 Standard classification taxonomy. As a consequence, categorisation of the URL or domain is now possible.

How Does The Classification Of An URL Work?

The categorization provided by Klazify is useful for router applications, and it is completely free. They support almost every language spoken on the planet, as well as all accessible domains. Klazify, as previously stated, uses the IAB Classification Taxonomy. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has created a set of widely recognized advertising categories and subcategories.

How Does The Platform Work?

  • You must first complete the following steps in order to receive product information:
  • At, create an API key.
  • Any domain or email address in the field you want to category should be located and copied. Once you’ve confirmed that you’re not a robot, submit it.
  • After that, you’ll receive the API response in one or more programming languages.
  • Find the information you’re looking for and put it to good use.

What Is The Procedure For Domain Processing?

Klazify begins domain processing in one of two ways:

  • It scans the website for new domains and re-indexes domains that have previously been classified.
  • The website of Klazify provides the data sources to process via external feeds
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