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Obtain The Best Spell Checker API In One Click

According to different studies, there are three types of people when it comes to good grammar. We have :

  • The Purists: These individuals, referred known as “prescriptivists” in linguistics circles, are aware of and appreciative of the grammatical rules, often to an extreme. Purists think that correct usage is governed by clear norms, and that any deviation from these principles invalidates the relevant text. When you’re not sure whether to use “who” or “whom,” you turn to them. Purists often think that improper grammar signals the end of civilization. So, if you do not know how to write correctly, you can always turn to them for help.
  • The Rebels: also known as “descriptivists”, these individuals are more interested in in how people use language than the purported laws that govern it. Grammar belongs to the people, and as such, ordinary usage has priority over formal rules. They really don’t care about following grammar rules as they really don’t see a point in it.
  • Don’t know, don’t care: the name given to this group is self-explanatory. For whatever reason, these people don’t comprehend the importance of grammar norms and can’t keep them straight. They trust that you will understand what they were trying to say no matter what.
Obtain The Best Spell Checker API In One Click

If you considered yourself as part of The Rebels or the Don’t know, don’t care group, you may have found yourself in situations where you weren’t quite understood the way you wanted. And this is because you are not following simple grammar or spelling rules. Being a good writer and a good comunicator brings more advantages than you think. It can specially help you in your proffesional life as it has been proved that higher positions have been obtained by those whose profiles had fewer grammatical faults and more promotions are correlated with fewer grammar mistakes. This happens because having good grammar and spelling show that you are not careless, you want the reader to understand you, when you were writing you were thinking about the reader and how to engaged it with your ideas and writing. So, if you want to stop being part of The Rebels and the Don’t know, don’t care pay attention.

Obtain The Best Spell Checker API In One Click

The Spell and Grammar Checker API, which is supplied by Zyla Labs , will be a great tool that will enable you to improve your writing skills and start seeing better reception in your messages. Any spelling or grammar problems in your application can be found using this API. The Spell and Grammar Checker API will receive the text you submit and it will return the errors that recognizes along with potential corrections all in just one JSON object.

Among the most common uses of the API, it can be found:

  • You can direct your users using this API if they spell a term incorrectly. It improves the UX experience by making it simple for users to edit what they just written
  • Prevent users from entering incorrect text in your input text fields
  • Additionally, if you are in charge of a blog, this API is perfect for proofreading and fixing any incorrect or misspelled terms before posting the content.
  • This API also offers context regarding the misspelled term, such as wheter it was a typo or an upper-lower case problem.

So, stop being part of The Rebels and the Don’t know, don’t care and start watching the advantages that being a Purist brings.

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