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Organize Data For Your Business With This API In 2023

If you agree with the idea that organization is the key to success, this article is just what you need to read. We offer you a new business jewel. Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API is the new tool that you and your team need!

Are you tired of having to search through all your documents before finding what you were looking for? Well, with this new IAB Taxonomy service, you won’t have that issue ever again. This text classification system will separate and organize into numerous categories with your data. Organization is clearly the key to a more successful business. Being aware of your storage system and how things are categorized will decrease the amount of time spent looking for one particular text. You will save time and money with this text classifier.

Whether you work for a big or small business, you know how important for successful development is to be organized. Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API will allow you to improve your work life and provide more spare time. Following, you will find a guide to the API’s uses and other relevant information.

Organization will bring your team together! Try Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API

How to work with this API

First of all, you need to understand some more benefits. Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API will keep your information safe. When you signed up, you will receive a unique access key to the API’s endpoint. This grants you the safety to use the text classifier. Once you did that, you can start using it without any trouble! The only thing you have to do is upload to the input box whatever data you want to sort. It has a maximum of 5,000 characters but as long as it’s equal to or under that number it is fine. Your data will be categorized under many different labels. Now you can quickly pass those slogans to the marketing team. Or even select faster than ever those sentences for the commercial team that is looking for the product’s description. And just like these scenarios many more!

And the pricing?

Since it is a simple system to use, anybody can do it. By now you may be wondering how does the payment work. And it is as simple and organized as every other step. You need to choose between three different plans. One of them includes 10,000 requests for $24.99 USD a month. It is called the “Basic” plan. The second option is the “Pro” plan, which offers you 100,000 requests a month for $49.99 USD. And the final option is the “ProPlus” plan. A package that provides you with 1,000,000 requests for $99.99 USD a month! Do you see these prices? They are all affordable options for your budget.

Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API‘s homepage

In case you start getting questions or simply want to know a little bit more about Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API, check its homepage! You will find information, documentation, pricing and questions by other users that may help you. For any other questions, email us at [email protected] or chat with us from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+1).

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