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Paraphrasing Tools: Why, How & Who Can Use Them?

Are you having doubts about using paraphrasing tools? Don’t worry, we will tell you all you need to know about them!

Paraphrasing is the process of re-wording text so that it has the same meaning as before but without using too many of the original words. A paraphrasing tool works just like that, but within seconds!

Why should you use Paraphrasing Tools?

There are many reasons why people choose to use a paraphrasing tool. One reason why some people use them is because they want to improve their writing skills; using them can help expand your vocabulary by learning new words and ways to say something. Another reason that people use these tools is because they need to save time and money by not having to do all of the work themselves. By just clicking a button they will get a brand new text!

However, the most common reason why people choose to use these tools is because they don’t have time or energy to create more content. When you have an idea, it can take hours or even days to write up a good article on it, and rewriting manually takes just as long. With a parahrasing tool, they can rewrite their own content to obtain brand new texts or articles to publish.

How can you use them?

Most of them are free and very easy to use. You have to paste or write the sentence, text or article you want to rephrase; and then click on the button to paraphrase. In a moment you will get a new rewritten text, without spending money, time and, effort!

Paraphrasing Tools: Why, How & Who Can Use Them?

Who can use them?

A lot of people can benefit from using paraphrasing tools. Whether you are a student, professor, content writer, Blogger, writer, or part of a Marketing Team, a paraphrasing tool is the best choice for you! But let’s be honet, anyone that needs to write or rewrite something can use a paraphrasing tool. As we said, it’s great for brainstorming ideas, and also improve your writing!

So, if you got to this point and are convinced, we have the perfect tool to get you going with paraphrasing!

Plaraphy is your Paraphrasing Tool

Plaraphy’s paraphrasing tool is a free online text rewriter that can rephrase any sentence, paragraph or article in just a few seconds. It uses Artificial Intelligence to understand text better and find new ways to express what you want to say. It works as an intelligent article rewriter tool as it changes all the words present in sentences with their synonyms. This way it keeps the original meaning of the sentence intact, yet produces unique content for you. Plaraphy doesn’t only help you in creating unique content, but also helps you saving time and money!

Use this paraphrase software to rewrite up to 1.000 characters at once. You can paste the text, or simply upload any document, PDF or power point and instantly get a rewritten version! With this highly useful paraphrasing tool, you can write blog posts, articles, essays and more!

Paraphrasing Tools: Why, How & Who Can Use Them?

How to use Plaraphy

It’s very easy! If you want to access to it’s free rewriting tool then:

  1. Click here to access the Free AI Rewriter.
  2. Once you are there you have to paste the text you want to rewrite in the given box. After this, check CAPTCHA’s tiny box to ensure you are not a robot. This step is very important!
  3. Click Paraphrase and wait a few seconds.

Aaaaand …. that’s it! See? I told you it was easy! In just a matter of seconds you will get a brand new text, without losing its original meaning. Now, if you want to sign up to get an API key and start using Plaraphy API, you can do that too! And for free!

  1. Just click here to register. You don’t need to give any credit card details!
  2. Obtain your own API key; this means you will get an unique combination of letters and digits provided to access this API endpoint.
  3. Authenticate with the Plaraphy API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.

And you are done! For more information about the use of Plaraphy API, access the Documentation by clicking here.

And that’s it! Now you are ready to use a paraphrasing tool, and which one is better than Plaraphy to get started?

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