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Perform Targeted Advertising With An IP Geolocation API

Do you want to target your audience and make personalized content with just an API? You need to keep reading!

Today, every advantage you can have for your business is valuable and can make you stand out from the competitors. That’s why knowing your clients’ location is really important. With it, you can perform geomarketing and target your audience.

Geomarketing is a form of marketing that uses location data to target advertising and promotions to reach consumers with appropriate messaging in particular localities. For example, geomarketing can help you ensure that you’re not promoting winter coats in Florida or bikinis in the Colorado mountains.

When we talk about targeted advertising with a geolocation API we’re talking about Location-based advertising (LBA) which is a form of advertising that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services. The technology is used to pinpoint consumers’ locations and provide location-specific advertisements.

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What’s an IP address and how does it help with targeted advertising?

Before we recommend you some tools you need to understand how things work. IP-based geolocation is a way to find the location of an internet-connected computing or mobile device. To get started, all you need is your target’s IP address.

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label such as that is connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: network interface identification and location addressing.

These IP addresses can tell you a lot about the person who is using the computer, such as their location, their zip, and time zone, among many other things.

Through IP addresses, electronic devices can connect and share data with each other and you can access a wide range of information. However, an IP address isn’t enough. You need to use a geolocation database to obtain this user’s information.

That’s why you need an IP geolocation API. If you’re trying to find the best one we recommend IpXapi.

Why IpXapi?

Using their modules you can know where your customers access your website from and customize user experiences based on IP.

Thanks to their Location Module it provides an extensive set of localization data to implement geographic restrictions on your site, optimize ad targeting or deliver user experiences customized based on the location of your website visitors.

With 11 years of constant optimization, the infrastructure behind ipXapi and the IpXapi API has grown to become highly scalable and efficient, currently handling between 2 to 3 billion API requests per day.

Data coverage is growing by the day, with IpXapi currently supporting more than 2 million unique locations in over 200.000 cities across the globe.

How accurate is ipXapi?

 Since the ipXapi database and API is integrated with a series of large ISPs who constantly provide information about new and existing IP ranges, they’re proud to offer a very high level of accuracy in IP data.

How does it work?

1- Create an account at to get started.

2- Enter the IP address into the box and count how many people react.

3- At any time, you can download and use the API.

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