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Reasons To Employ The Spam Checker API

When you make or receive a call with caller ID and spam protection turned on, you can get information about callers or companies that aren’t in your contacts, or warnings about potential spam calls. For your company, it is also important to have this protection so that your employees do not suffer these calls. Therefore, keep reading Reasons To Employ The Spam Checker API, we will tell you about Check Spam Callers API, a tool that will allow you to receive only the calls that interest you.

But…what is spam anyway?

In technology, “spam” is a term for unsolicited communications that arrive at a high frequency. The term originated as a reference to the Monty Python TV comedy sketches that were applied to large volumes of disruptive messages in early online services, then spam on the Internet in the 1990s. Monty Python, a woman in a restaurant deals with a menu full of items made from spam (the food product) in a frustrating and repetitive way.

Since then, the term “spam” has generally been applied to any high-volume, unsolicited communication, including phone calls and sometimes even physical mailings on paper. Currently, spam is a plague of the modern digital world, and avoiding it is difficult.

The call filter allows you to block unwanted calls, for example, calls from telemarketers. The application filters call using a list of unwanted contacts that you have created. For unwanted contacts, your line is shown as busy.

What happens if I receive a spam caller?

In case you receive a spam call, you should not lose your cool. Try to respond in the most natural way possible. However, it is important to provide as little personal information as possible. Thus, if it is an attempt to steal data, the criminals will have nothing against you.

However, if you perceive that there is something out of place in the call or SMS that makes you suspicious, cut off the communication. You must be attentive to those who request you or what they say to consider it spam. In the event of an extortion attempt, seek professional help. Save the mobile phone number and try to report it.

Are spam calls dangerous?

There is a type of spam call that is not dangerous at all, although it can be annoying if you are busy. In that sense, there are people who only do the work that a certain company asks of them. That is, they produce advertising for their articles so that the common user finds out and consumes it.

For example, there are services like Netflix that send messages to their users to make payments. Similarly, apps like Fortinet randomly spam people in order to seek subscribers for their page. So, these SMS or phone calls do not represent anything alarming.

However, there is dangerous spam, which is used in order to hack people’s accounts. In that sense, it is about those conversations in which suspicious and very personal questions are asked. In the same way, those in which a link of dubious origin is presented.

Check Spam Callers API

This API will provide you with information to check if an incoming call is a spam. With coverage for more than 60 countries. The only thing you will need is the incoming call number and you will be provided with a message if the call is spam or not.  Check Spam Callers API is ideal for those developers that need to implement a spam check in their software. Prevent your users from receiving spam calls. Also, you will be able to filter your phone’s databases and determine if those numbers are spam or not. Besides, other than the number of API calls per month, there are no other limitations. 

If you want to learn more about this Check Spam Callers API, read How To Start Using The Spam Checker API

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