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Receive Lead Prices In Canadian Dollars Using This API

Do you have a company in Canada that requires a supply of lead? Well, in that case, you should try this API to know the prices of this metal.

Lead is a chemical element of the periodic table, whose symbol is Pb (from the Latin, Plumbum), and its atomic number is 82. It is a heavy metal of relative density, bluish in color, which tarnishes to acquire a color Matt Gray. It is flexible and melts easily; its fusion occurs at 327.4°C and it boils at 1,725°C. The world’s largest producers of this metal are China, Australia, Peru, the United States and Mexico.

The most widely used lead compounds in industry are lead oxides, tetraethyl lead and lead silicates. Lead forms alloys with many metals, and is generally used in this form in most of its applications. For example, there are common components of pipes, batteries, weights, projectiles and ammunition, cable coatings and sheets used to protect us from radiation. But the main use of lead is in batteries for cars and other vehicles.

Currently, a ton of lead costs about 3,117 Canadian dollars. Fortunately, in recent years its price has not changed much and has remained stable. It only rose 4.8% in the last 5 years. However, it is important to have an alarm that notifies us, in case there is a significant rise or fall in the prices of this metal. And for this type of case, it is best to use Metals-API, a service designed for you.

Receive Lead Prices In Canadian Dollars Using This API

Why Metals-API?

Metals-API is a great service if volatility data is what you need. It is one of the newest systems for this purpose, which in a short time managed to become number 1 in its respective market. Not only does it support a huge variety of metals (gold, silver, and of course lead), but it also accepts over 170 currencies from around the world. If you’re Canadian, the latter is good news for you, as you won’t have to convert between other foreign currencies.

Thanks to the data provided minute by minute by the most important financial institutions in the world (such as the London Metal Exchange), Metals-API became a symbol of prestige and reliability. It even allows you to track price changes since 2019.

In order to use this service, you must first follow these steps:

1- Go to “” and there, you will be able to generate an API key. Remember that you must first register and select one of the 7 available plans (1 free and 6 paid).
2- Search the list of symbols for lead (metal) and the currency you want (Canadian dollar).
3- Once you have added the metal and currency to the list of symbols, make the API call.
4- Obtain the information and use it for your company.

As a programming language, you have the option of using JSON or PHP.

Receive Lead Prices In Canadian Dollars Using This API

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