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Recognize Tens Of Popular Brands From Different Industries With This API

Imagine not having to be super attentive and having to dedicate an entire team to prevent any brand from leaking into your content.

Well, this Brand Logo Recognition API is the solution to such problems.

You are probably wondering how this Brand Logo Recognition API works, stay here to find out step by step.

How does Brand Logo Recognition API work?

A database of thousands of international logos is used by brand identification, a specialized form of object detection, to identify commercial brands in pictures or videos. This function can be used, for instance, to find out which brands are most widely used in media product placement or in social media.

When a brand logo is found, the Brand Logo Recognition API service delivers the name of the company, a confidence score, and the coordinates of a bounding box around the logo.

Popular brands in consumer electronics, apparel, and other industries are represented in the built-in logo database.

The logo detection technology works automatically and detects any part of the image that looks like a logo. For our logo recognition technology, 3-5 images of the logo are necessary. 

By uploading the sample images into our database, we can, from that point on, detect and recognize the added logo.

Principal function of Brand Logo Recognition API

Logos in photos and videos are recognized by logo detection technology.

The API produces the logo’s coordinates after receiving an image as input.


An image is the input.


The logo’s coordinates are returned by the API.

Use examples

For a business with marketing initiatives or published content that is subject to license restrictions, brand recognition is a need. Use this solution to check the licensing rights to your photographs, estimate the best way to represent your brand, execute marketing campaigns, and more.

Verification of usage rights

Make sure you are not publishing photographs containing brand logos without the owners’ consent by looking through your images for the presence of brand logos.

marketing initiatives

Calculate whether the required brand’s appearance satisfies your marketing needs and is appropriate for your request.

Advertisement data

Gather information on brand placements that were effective or unsuccessful, then use that information to inform your ad plan.

What about the pricing?

Well, our Brand Logo Recognition API has four very varied plans to suit any of your needs.

The first is the non-cost and offers 50 Requests / Month.

The following is the Basic that has 10,000 Requests / Month

Next comes the Pro with 100,000 Requests/Month

And finally the Pro Plus that has 500,000 Requests / Month

But as if these four incredible plans were not enough, we also have a new custom plan so that you can adapt it to the needs that vary during the course of your business.

We know that needs are changing and are always added or subtracted, that’s why we work hard to be able to offer this new option to those who need it most.

We hope we have convinced you to try our Brand Logo Recognition API.

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