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Revolutionize Your Site’s Traffic And Revenue With Site Traffic API

Do you want to try a good API to get traffic information? You can try this one!

It is a common misconception that the more visitors your website receives, the better. While it is true that more visitors are generally better, it is important to keep in mind that not all traffic is created equal. The quality of your website’s traffic is more important than the quantity, and there are a number of ways to determine whether or not your traffic is high-quality.

If you want to measure the quality of your site’s traffic, we recommend an Alternative API To Google Analytics. It can provide information on the geographical locations of your visitors, the devices they use to access your website, and the search phrases they used to locate it. Some of these APIs give you the ability to keep an eye on the traffic to your website and compare it to other websites that are relevant to you or your business or your competitors.

Revolutionize Your Site's Traffic And Revenue With Site Traffic API

If you want to know which countries your website receives the most traffic from, web analytics software can also tell you that. You can use this information to determine whether or not your target audience is located in certain countries and whether or not you should be advertising there.

Another way to evaluate your website’s traffic is by looking at the bounce rate. A high bounce rate indicates that visitors are not finding what they are looking for on your website, and they are leaving without interacting with any of your pages. This means that your website’s traffic is not high-quality since it doesn’t convert well. To improve your bounce rate, you can test different things like redesigning your homepage or adding new content.

Site Traffic API

Revolutionize Your Site's Traffic And Revenue With Site Traffic API

With the help of this API, developers will be able to sort databases according to their own criteria. Are you interested in finding out which URLs get the most traffic? Your attention may be piqued by the pages with the highest bounce rates. Which URLs encourage visitors to stay the longest? You can assess your own page’s performance using this API. It is possible to make inferences about user behavior based on the measured data. Determine the value of the ranks and pages. 

The number of API calls you can make each month is the only restriction. Additionally, there is a limit of one API call per second. Other than that, all of the subscription plans function similarly. 

All You Need To Do To Make Use Of It Is:

  • To use the API, go to Site Traffic API and click the “START FREE TRIAL” button.
  • You’ll be prepared to use the API once you’ve registered in the Zyla API Hub.
  • Use the various API endpoints based on what you’re trying to find.
  • Once you’ve located the required endpoint, use the “test endpoint” button to initiate an API request and view the results on your screen.

The “Country List” and “Traffic Source and Overview” endpoints of this API are available to developers. For the sake of this demonstration, we asked the API for the following response using the “Traffic Source and Overview” Endpoint:

"engagement": {
"avgVisitDuration": 419,
"bounceRate": 0.3561,
"pagesPerVisit": 8.84,
"totalVisits": 2421700000
"monthlyVisitsEstimate": {
"2021-12-01": 2893000000,
"2022-01-01": 2652000000,
"2022-02-01": 2200000000,
"2022-03-01": 2361000000,
"2022-04-01": 2300000000,
"2022-05-01": 2421000000
"name": "",
"trafficShareByCountry": [
"United States": 0.8126
"Canada": 0.0129
"India": 0.0129
"United Kingdom": 0.011
"China": 0.0089
"trafficSources": {
"Direct": 0.5963,
"Mail": 0.0265,
"Paid Referrals": 0.0028,
"Referrals": 0.0641,
"Search": 0.2635,
"Social": 0.0465

As you can see, site visitors will have more clarity when they first arrive. For each of the top 5 countries, data on engagement, source, and traffic status will be provided.

When a developer registers, they are given a unique API access key, which is a combination of letters and digits, which allows them access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Site Traffic API REST API, just include your bearer token in the Authorization header.

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