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Runa takes the Mexican market with its automated payroll

Know the payroll and personnel management software that makes the processes easier in a few clicks.

Runa is the automated payroll platform that is in the American continent; specifically in Mexico, since there are many companies that need to manage payroll easily and simply. A few months since its launch, the startup born in the bowels of Silicon Valley is having very good acceptance, since at the moment it has a portfolio of 500 SMEs and outsourcers.

Runa was born when Courtney McColgan, working as a Cabify CMO, realized that personnel management in Latin America tends to be very complex and lacks modern systems that perform tasks in a simpler and less manual manner.

This Mexican startup is the first to be financed by Salesforce Venture and other investors of the stature of the founder of Gmail and companies such as Rappi, Nubank, Cabify and WeWork in Latin America.

The main objective is to help all those small and medium-sized companies as well as outsourcings so that they can make payments quickly, efficiently and automatically to all their employees, who can also calculate the payroll as well as ring it easily and simply. from the cloud in a few clicks.

To learn more about the payroll system that is changing the way of managing companies in Mexico, we invite you to consult the page, where you can find contents that will help you in your day to day with our prices, special features and the exclusive partner system it has.

About Runa

Runa is a company founded by Courtney McColgan that is responsible for calculating, stamping and dispersing payroll; He also manages human resources and reports on personnel activities to record their incidents.

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