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Similar Sites To Apify For Google Web Scraping API

Apify is a potent Google web scraping API. If you want to know about similar sites to the API, keep reading!

The Power Of Google

When it comes to powerful companies that rule the world, it is safe to say that Google is one of them. Google is a technology company that offers the greatest search engine on the globe.  Actually, it has become a necessity for people, when they want to make research, find out something, or know about a subject, they will go to Google. This search engine represents how far a society we have arrives. A few decades ago it was not as easy to find information, now everything it’s in the palm of our hands. 

Therefore, companies have to take advantage of the benefits this modern world provides. For instance, being able to reach people from the other side of the globe. A good way to do such a task with success is through gaining a good position in Google with a Google Web Scraping API like Apify. Even though today’s world does provide edges, for this main reason it is also extremely competitive. Hence, investing in the right tools is key!


This decision-making must take into consideration speed, technology, infrastructure, and more. After all, they must introduce an API that will help them analyze Google by providing only precise results. An API like Apify is always a good option. 

What Is Apify?

Apify is a Google web scraping API that scrapes Google in order to obtain reliable data from the Google results that appear on the API. When such extraction happens, the API sends it to the business so that one can analyze them and use them to better themselves. The API Apify scrapes all kinds of results such as reviews, prices, paid results, and way more. 

Evidently, an API like Apify will help companies carry out powerful investigations and projections. With the API it is easier to understand how the algorithms of Google work, which brands have the best position, and more. Of course, Apify is not the only API that possesses these capabilities. I will add here other similar sites to the API: 

Similar Sites To Apify:


Google Web Searching API

The Google Web Searching API is a similar interface to Apify. This API runs with power through all of Google in order to obtain the results that matter the most. Yes, those results appear first to users when they are searching for specific terms. 

An amazing characteristic of the Google Web Searching API is that it allows companies to direct the answers of the API. This is capable because they can choose beforehand aspects of the results. For example,  the language they will receive the results. 



Now let’s mention Serpwow, another similar site to Apify. This is an API that analyzes Google but it does stay there. Serpwow goes one step forward and provides results from different search engines like Amazon, Bing, and more!



Finally, the last alternative to Apify is ScrapingBee. This is a Google Search API that works with the JavaScript language in order to scrape all kinds of results. It even offers the possibility of scraping Google images.

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