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Sort Your Images Database By Object Using A Classification API

Are you struggling because of your disorganized image database? Don’t worry, that’s why you’ve arrived here! In this post you’ll find how can you sort your images database by object using a classification API, so stay reading to also find out the best choice available!

Image recognition is a branch of artificial intelligence and computer vision that consists of methods and algorithms for tagging and categorizing an image’s contents. It is a critical computer vision activity that enables machines to “see,” and it is frequently referred to as picture classification or image labeling. To make the best decisions in a variety of real-world situations, it is crucial to comprehend the components of an image.

Computer vision includes the subfield of image recognition. These two words are often used interchangeably. A more general phrase, computer vision concentrates on methods for gathering, processing, and analyzing images. In other words, computer vision is a group effort to mimic the human visual system in computers and aid in their comprehension of the visual environment. In contrast, image recognition focuses on examining pixels and spotting patterns in photos to identify the presence of particular items.

Sort Your Images Database By Object Using A Classification API

Is it possible to use an API for automating image recognition?

Definitely yes! These APIs can help you do that work in a fast way by utilizing these functions:

Object detection:  is the action of finding an object in a picture. Finding trees, a dog lounging on the ground, or a cat curled up in a ball can all be considered examples of detection. Of course, there are a variety of shapes and sizes for objects. Techniques for object detection include polygon, semantic, and key point annotation, depending on the object’s complexity.

Image Classification: Identifying an image’s class or category is the process at hand. A picture can only belong to one class. If there is a puppy in the previous illustration, it can be categorized as “dogs” or just “dog photos.” Dogs can also be categorized as “dogs” if there are canines of various breeds or colors.


The Clapicks image classification API is an easy-to-use and powerful tool that can be used to classify images into a variety of categories. This API can be used to categorize images of people, objects, scenes, and so forth. Some of the benefits that Clapicks will give you are the ability to automatically classify images into predefined categories and the abdvantage to handle a large number of images quickly and efficiently.

Sort Your Images Database By Object Using A Classification API

Just by inserting an Image URL, Clapicks will return a complete list of the objects that it can classify inside the image. This API has two functions; a confidence score between 0 and 1, that means that when it’s close to 1, the object recognition of the image will be better, and Label, which will let you know the name of the object found on the picture, such as “white car” or “Chihuahua dog”.

You won’t have to worry about its pricing options because you’ll see it has very affordable prices that compete with the other APIs available online, and if you first want to try, you can do it just by signing up to start seeing for yourself its accurate results!

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