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Stellar (XLM) is now available as collateral on YouHodler’s expanding Fintech platform

The Fintech platform YouHodler is increasing its global reach and adding an additional collateral option to its growing list. Due to the high demand from their community, YouHodler now offers Stellar (XLM) as the newest security option. The new offer comes shortly after Bitcoin SV has been launched on the platform, attempting to open the service to another sector of the crypto community.

Stellar (XLM) brings diverse potential for YouHodler

By choosing XLM as collateral on the YouHodler platform, users can get a loan in EUR, USD or USDT. With a credit / debit card, a confirmed bank account or a stable wallet for coins, users can immediately withdraw their credit from the platform.

As the ninth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, XLM has proven to be one of the strongest survivors of the bear market with promising potential. With a total supply of 19 billion, XLM is currently trading at 0.086630 against the US dollar, just 9th behind Tether (USDT). The hype surrounding the coin continues to grow in the context of Stellar’s partnership with IBM. Stellar, Ripple’s main rival, wants to help IBM replace the current banking system in the South Pacific. Aside from the increase in value, Ilya Volkov, CEO of YouHodler, says there are other important reasons for this expansion.

YouHodler welcomes the Stellar community

Stellar is a rather small network compared to other Top 5 Coins. However, it still offers tremendous potential through the XLM community. YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov explains:

“We know that XLM users are a unique and talented group of crypto enthusiasts. That’s why we wanted to target this new extension on this platform with them. Yes, it helps XLM listeners to find another use for their coins, but it will also help us to work together. XLM-HODLers are often overlooked in the crypto industry and by launching on the platform, YouHodler hopes to create enduring connections that will benefit both sides.”

Stellar (XLM) is just one of many features that will come for YouHodler

The announcement of a new affiliate program and the ability to debit directly with credit cards make the XLM extension another highlight of a productive March for YouHodler. According to the team, DASH and ZCASH will also be available as collateral options in the future. Instead of a pure crypto credit platform, YouHodler is promoting itself as a Fintech platform that focuses on crypto credit but ultimately builds a more diverse ecosystem for global finance.

About YouHodler

YouHodler is a blockchain based financial ecosystem focused on cryptocurrency loans with Fiat loans. YouHodler’s lending platform offers USD  or EUR loans backed by collateral in BTC, ETH, XRP and other common cryptocurrencies.

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