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Stock exchange: Shisha dropshipping business with own product

We sell hookahs, shisha tobacco and all shisha accessories on our own shop as well as on Amazon & Ebay. On all platforms, we can ensure a smooth process with an integrated merchandise management system. On all platforms, we have an average of about 900 active / salable articles online.

Through our good connection to our wholesaler, we can also catch peak demand (summer / christmas) without any problems and ensure delivery within 24h.

In order to strengthen our market position in the trading business, we have also developed and manufactured our own product (cleaning tablets) in cooperation with a German chemical laboratory.

Due to the low fixed costs (<100 € mntl.) For server + inventory management the business is very low risk and can be operated with little effort.

The company is managed as GbR. Through our self-created Excel templates the Ust pre-registrations and EÜR can be entered directly in Elster. The templates are included in the sale offer.

Numbers and facts:

  • Turnover 2018 = approx. 207 k €
  • EBIT 2018 = approx. 28 k € (13.5%)
  • Orders = about 2700
  • Turnover 2019 = currently 160 k €
  • Orders = expected about 2500

We achieve (on average 24 months) a turnover of about 20 k € per month. The turnover can also be increased depending on the activity (2017 = approx. 40k € per month).


Gambio Shop with JTL WaWi connection (everything works smoothly)

approx. 2500 articles (inactive & active, depending on the stock), of which about 800 articles with product texts (partly self / partial editorial)

Klarna connection + PayPal

FSK18 lock + age check for articles available (mandatory for tobacco)

Integrated WordPress blog with some texts available

Amazon / Ebay:

  • Amazon sales 2018 and 2019 total 3700 orders
  • Amazon reviews 95 pieces
  • Ebay sales in 2018 and 2019 total 780 orders
  • Ebay reviews 833 pieces

Social media

YouTube, so far operated with very little effort: 2180 subscribers + 756,000 views (12 monetized videos with product concepts / construction, Adsense revenue about 150 € a year), last video was uploaded in May 2018

  • Facebook: 1399 Likes, previously operated with very little effort
  • Instagram: 964 subscribers, previously operated with very little effort

Developed and manufactured in cooperation with a German chemistry laboratory

  • so far about 100 pieces sold
  • Capacities available to scale
  • Currently storage at wholesaler and FBA Amazon
  • Positive product reviews from influencers on Youtube
  • Stock still about 350 pieces = 1.200 €

It is not a distress sale. However, as we run the business in the ancillary business and merely “manage” the business rather than actively pushing, we could imagine giving birth if there is a good supply.

You can operate the business in a variety of ways:

Little effort, as we currently: From time to time upload new items, capture orders, no social media activity, etc.

Medium / lot of effort: Continuous article investment (direct sales driver), social media full throttle, self-pushing product, etc.

If you are in the mood for a hookah business and are looking for an attractive business, then you’re in the right place!

When selling, of course, we show every single relevant process (dealing with inventory management, article systems on platforms, cooperation with wholesalers,…).

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