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3 Useful Trending Topic Google Search APIs For Developers

Every minute, new topics spread across the internet. You can sometimes keep up but other times you can’t. As a result of the widespread discussion, you will see trending conversations on social media platforms too. However, it might not be sufficient because it alters hourly, rendering your research and social…

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Use This Google Trends API To Automate Fetching Data

Nowadays it’s very important for our companies to discover what people are talking about. Marketing is about understanding the consumer’s perspective to boost potential sales. But fetching data from Google searches can be a challenge if you’ve never done that before. Luckily, we can access new devices and instruments designed…

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How To Get The Current Trending Topics On The Internet Using This API

Your boss told you to write an attractive article, and you have already exhausted all your ideas? Do you need to retarget the marketing strategy for some of your products? Or maybe you just want to see who’s the most popular World Cup football player… All of those tasks can…

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