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Tag: automotive

Amazon places a big bet to reinforce its logistics network

According to Amazon, it would lead a $ 700 million investment in the US electric pickup truck Rivian Automotive LLC. In the biggest bet of the e-commerce giant on technologies with the potential to reshape the automotive sector. The agreement represents an important endorsement of Rivian’s electric vehicle technology by…

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German companies are investing in new startups

Last year, Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen invested millions in digital companies, as a study shows. That harbors dangers, industry observers warn. The German automobile manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers strongly rely on digitization and new business models – and buy new company shares instead of building up digital know-how in-house. This…

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Automotive startups: Why is the hottest trend in Silicon Valley?

Entrepreneurs who develop technology or services around the auto driving industry have the chance to win in Silicon Valley. Figures from the consulting firm specializing in entrepreneurship, CB Insights, reported that at the end of 2017 the startups focused on autonomous development captured 76% of the total investments made in…

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