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Tag: Big Data

The Irish fintechs now want to score points in Germany

The finance industry is increasingly international, business models are becoming more digital. Against this background, international exchange in the fintech sector makes an important contribution to growth and innovation. Startup hubs like the TechQuartier in Frankfurt play a crucial role for fintechs from Ireland. Landing Pad Program of TechQuartier Fintechs…

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Does crypto technology has any basis for success in future?

The economist and notorious crypto critic Nouriel Roubini says that, “Crypto technology has no basis for success.” He this said on March 6 in an interview with the CFA Institute. Speaking to the CFA investor group, New York based Roubini, who gained worldwide prominence through his prediction of the 2008…

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Knowing how to program will be as important as learning English?

Entrepreneurs of startups, developers and ‘hacktivists’ suggest that in the near future, programming will become a daily digital necessity as today it is to know how to send an email. Since the advent of computers, technological developments have been based on programming. With technical advances it is unknown what the…

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Amazon Web Services: Which services use to deploy a blockchain

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing branch of Amazon, is taking serious steps toward consolidation at the top of the blockchain industry. At the end of November, AWS unveiled a new service during its “re: Invest” event, which allows its customers to build their own cloud-based blockchain using Hyperledger…

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