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Best Alternatives To Bloomberg For Getting Currencies Data

Are you looking for alternatives to Bloomberg for forex market information? Here we offer you three options of APIs! To begin with, the foreign exchange market is characterized by the free exchange of currencies. Its main objective is to facilitate international trade and investment. It is also known as FOREX…

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Alternatives To Bloomberg For Getting Copper Prices With An API

Are you looking for a better substitute for Bloomberg for precious metals API with copper prices? Then look at them! The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in industrial lockdowns and shutdowns all over the world. As a consequence, many countries temporarily suspended electronic manufacturing. These variables had a significant impact on the…

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Best Alternatives To Bloomberg For Getting Platinum Prices

Are you seeking a good alternative to Bloomberg for precious metals API with platinum prices? Then check these! The global platinum market was substantially oversupplied in 2021. Palladium prices have surged as a result of the crisis in Ukraine, leading manufacturers to switch to lower platinum to save money, boosting…

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Best Alternatives To Bloomberg For Getting Commodities Prices With An API

If you’re looking for the finest tools to access commodity rates, we’ll go through three alternatives to Bloomberg in this post. Commodities are, without a doubt, the raw materials for the services and items we consume daily. Subcategories of these elements include agriculture, energy, metals, and soft materials. This category…

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FedEx offers discounts for express shipments after finalizing contract with Amazon

FedEx has confirmed that it will not renew its express air shipment contract with Amazon, noting that the partnership with Jeff Bezos’ company represented only a small part of its business. However, the logistics giant stressed that it will continue to work with the e-commerce company in other forms of…

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Ripple (XRP) can now be issued to 40 million outlets in 180 countries

The company Spend offers an app for payment services. Some time ago, the company has also integrated payment options for Litecoin and Dash. Now Spend has announced via Twitter that they have also recorded Ripple XRP. With the help of the Spend app, customers can now pay with Ripple XRP…

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