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This startup chose the traditional industry over a high-tech one

Startups are often associated with founders from the tech scene. Not least thanks to the Vox program “The Cave of the Lions”, the term Startup is also established among food founders. However, in traditional occupations and industries, young people are less likely to startup. Rebecca Materne and Janina Schmitt did…

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Germany is concerned about the low numbers of startups in the country

TV formats such as “The Cave of the Lions” on VOX give you the feeling that everyone in Germany is starting a startup and employees are now rather boring and exotic. But if you look at the facts, a different picture becomes visible. According to KfW there were 1,548,000 founders…

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German startups see multi-million dollar profit in the medical cannabis business

Sebastian Diemer had imagined a room full of cannabis sellers in a different way: Instead of hooded sweatshirts, the men wear tuxedo, sparkling wine is served, and the dinner tables in the ballroom are decorated with floral arrangements. The German startup millionaire will be a guest at the Cannabis Awards…

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A new electric skateboard startup is taking over the old school business

In the US, where founder Laurens Laudowicz grew up, his electric skateboard can be easily driven on streets and in parks. According to his own information, he has already sold just under a thousand pieces of it. For the time being, no approval is in sight for the vehicle in…

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German companies are investing in new startups

Last year, Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen invested millions in digital companies, as a study shows. That harbors dangers, industry observers warn. The German automobile manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers strongly rely on digitization and new business models – and buy new company shares instead of building up digital know-how in-house. This…

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