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Tag: Business

This is how BBVA confronts the external disruption of the ‘fintech’ and the digital giants

The transformation of BBVA has a very important pillar in the search for new business models that can directly impact the current way of understanding financial services. Normally these disruptive models come from digital companies and ‘startups’ that redefine part of the value chain of banking services, generating a new…

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Go green with your startup: Follow the TwistOut startup model

This startup has a bothersome problem by the hair! * Who does not know him? The clogged drain in the household. According to statistics, the consumer then likes to use the chemistry. A revolution in the market This has an end, because the startup  «TwistOut» has been revolutionizing the drain…

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The new business ecosystem: What does this mean for your company?

The incorporation of technological advances in companies is creating a new business ecosystem in the world. Normally companies are classified by size, however, thanks to the incorporation of new tools such as Fintech and open technologies smaller companies can become real competition for large multinationals. On June 20, Madrid will…

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Berlin startups could lose investors to another city

Berlin as an important address for startup financiers? The capital threatens to be overtaken by investments from Paris – because France avoids the mistakes of German politicians. According to a study Paris could overtake Berlin in the coming years for investments in startups. In 2018, lenders spent almost 2.5 billion…

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Austrian startups have received insane amounts of funding in 2018

In 2018, Austrian startups have landed more deals than ever before. This is the result of the fourth edition of Startup Report Austria. A total of 238 million euros were invested last year in Austrian startups. In 2017, only 133 million euros were collected, as trending topics reported. The data…

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