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Mastercard has a digital plan: Learn about it and use it for your startup

Less than a decade after its launch in 2009, India’s Aadhaar digital identity system was adopted by 99% of the country’s population, enabling hundreds of millions of previously unbanked people to participate in the digital economy and the digital economy. local financial system. Mastercard wants a unique model Now, Mastercard…

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Business startup models: Learn from GoTrendier and Chicfy to grow

GoTrendier and Chicfy merge to create the largest second-hand clothing buying and selling platform in Latam and Spain The companies are leaders in Mexico, Colombia and Spain, with more than 8 million users Mexico City, March 2019: GoTrendier (https://www.gotrendier.mx/) announces its merger with Chicfy (https://www.chicfy.com/), the largest merger of fashion…

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Female Empowerment gets founders started

Why the startup scene needs more variety Whether agriculture, HR, communications, medicine, banking or education: all major industries are currently enriched by innovative startups. The developments of recent years prove that young companies can change the world. Especially on the rise: founders. Although just about every seventh startup of women…

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This Viennese startup promises blockchain with no lies

The character string “0bs” in 0bsnetwork stands for “Zero Bullshit”. The Vienna Blockchain startup wants to offer a faster, more financially easier to plan and easier to handle alternative to Ethereum. We talked to founder Srdjan Kupresanin. “Our slogan ‘Zero Bullshit’ in the name is a clear reference to 95…

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5 tips from a startup which had a 24 million euro turnover

Increasing sales, more employees, conquering new markets and increasing profits – many founders are dreaming of this. But only a few manage to translate the wishes into reality. Two entrepreneurs who have successfully adopted the growth path are the Tyrolean Philipp Zimmermann and Richard Hirschhuber. The two developed the e-mobility…

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