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Follow the steps of this Swiss Fintech and conquer the trading market!

Swiss Fintech Amun has won experienced investors for its first round of financing. The company’s goal is to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies as an asset class. Founded last past summer, the start-up company Amun has completed its first round of financing totaling 4 million francs and has brought a number…

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Cash will be eliminated: 20 billion devices in 2020 will enable digital payments

By 2020 there will be more than 20 billion devices and articles connected to the Internet of Things (IoT); This is detailed in a study conducted by the division of innovation and design of the payment company, Visa, which sees in this figure a great potential to enable everything concerning…

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Cointext expands its Bitcoin Cash transaction service to Ukraine and Italy

Users can send and receive BCH balances from their cell phones through text messages, without the need of an internet connection or an App for smart devices. The service provider company for sending crypto balances, Cointext announced the launch of its Bitcoin Cash wallet in Ukraine and Italy. This adds…

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It’s time to know what Bitcoin Cash is and how to tell the difference

The world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets has seen many Bitcoin clones. One could go so far as to claim that almost all currencies developed after Bitcoin is, in the end, a Bitcoin clone. Bitcoin Cash is not an exception in this regard. Although he tried to solve one of…

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