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All Amazon is planning for companies: How Alexa is going to help companies

Amazon wants Alexa to be more useful for seniors. It opens up to companies to catch this “business opportunity”. The head of Amazon’s virtual assistant, Max Amordeluso, announced at the MWC in Barcelona that the e-commerce giant is looking for new talents and startups to expand the reach of its…

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Startup companies come together to bring medication to your home

The home delivery startup Rappi continues to grow, both in its expansion and in the diversity of services it seeks to offer its users. Now, this app will add the service of prescription drugs at home after the agreement between Rappi and Sanofi, the European pharmaceutical group. Rappi and Sanofi…

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Brexit scares financial talent: Blockchain companies are also suffering

Once upon a time, London was considered one of the major financial centers in the world alongside New York. However, since the UK’s Brexit vote in summer 2016, this status has recently been endangered. If no agreement is found between London and the EU by 29 March, the specter of…

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How good is facial recognition for your startup? Learn from the big companies

Facial recognition (sometimes called simply “facial recognition”) is prepared to play an increasingly important role in our lives. The face of each person could be scanned at airports or concerts with or without their knowledge. It could be the target of personalized ads thanks to the cameras in the shopping…

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Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Decentralization: How to make them work for your startup

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Decentralization: Mathias Klenk, Felix Gerlach and Dave McGibbon do not want to read these terms together in an article about their Startup Passbase. To advertise today is a manslaughter argument, they find. Why do we use it anyway? Because exactly these technologies are used by Passbase…

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