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What is the situation of fintech customers and entrepreneurs?

In Latin America there are 703 financial technology companies (fintech) that are serving 41.3% of the unbanked customers. The data shows that this type of solutions are called to support financial inclusion and transform the industry. These certainties have been part of the reasons why Panama was the headquarters of…

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T-Mobile Money: A banking platform that works like a digital checkbook

The third largest operator in the US launched T-Mobile Money, a banking platform that works like a digital checkbook. Users can deposit up to $ 3,000 with the service, funds that they can then use to make purchases and mobile transactions such as paying bills or sending money to other…

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How to be efficient in small and medium-sized companies? Learn all about this in this interview

HR start-ups are currently bringing a lot of fresh wind into the personnel scene. This series of interviews introduces some innovative solutions designed to make human resources work easier, more effective and more efficient in times of digitization. In my interview series “Start-up HR”, I speak today with Reza Madjidi…

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Google Maps, a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs

Retail entrepreneurs who regularly update their Google Maps profile can increase the number of potential customers who are targeting them online up to 25%. Reliable source This information was revealed by Oliver Lane, founder of Velmont Media, which has been supporting independent businesses to improve the listing of their stores…

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Lifetime Value (LTV): what it is, how to calculate it and why it is key for your startup

Marketing specialists tend to calculate the return on investment of their campaigns or to perform an analysis of metrics such as the CTR, the bounce rate or the customer’s journey in the conversion funnel. However, a data such as the customer’s Lifetime Value is also key to a marketing strategy.…

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