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Tag: Economy

Ireland turns its ‘startups’ into the EU against Brexit (which does not arrive)

The old tobacco factory in Mullingar smoked Ireland and part of Europe for half a century. Owned by the Imperial Tobacco Group, a former British monopoly with Victorian airs, those ships were a hotbed of machines that made cigarettes and packaged them. Today the facilities are the headquarters of a…

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Information on business, economy, management and undertakings of the city of Rosario and region

This year the fintech sector brings different proposals such as conferences, networkings, trainings and virtual talks, to learn about the new global trends that will be promoted. In Argentina there are several important events confirmed, two of them organized by the Argentina Chamber of Commerce. The Argentina Fintech Forum will…

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This country has great opportunities for development in economics

Mexico’s development opportunities are enormous and go beyond the economic and political environment it faces, assured the global CEO of International Personal Finance (IPF), Rami Ryhannen. In this sense, the Estonian executive stressed, Mexico has a very large population to which it is necessary to bring financial services closer, so…

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Startups: entrepreneurs question advertisements, but the government highlights progress

There is also uncertainty about the fate of the knowledge economy initiative, because legislative times would not be enough for approval The national government exhibits as one of those achievements during the administration of President Mauricio Macri to emerging companies, better known by their word in English: “startups”. The head…

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Will the blockchain future bring about an economic revolution

Until recently, cryptocurrencies were the only major application of the new blockchain technology. Will the BTC be able to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency? This question has long been the focus of attention and has brought enormous attention to Blockchain trading. In the background, however, a development…

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